The IPL has also surely affected our ratings: Aatish Kapadia on Khichdi new season

Aatish Kapadia speaks on Khichdi’s initial response

The IPL has also surely affected our ratings: Aatish Kapadia on Khichdi new season

There were lots of expectations from Khichdi’s ongoing season, which recently premiered on Star Plus. However, the mad antics of the Parikh clan (Anang Desai, Supriya Pathak, etc.) have not really rated big so far. The second week ratings are 0.8 (Friday) and 0.5 TVR on Saturday (average 0.6). It had opened to 1.1 and 0.8 ratings in its premier week.

Producer and director, Aatish Kapadia, took these numbers in his stride, saying, “We also need to factor in the performance of Star Plus’ weekend band, which has never been strong. The Karan Johar and Rohit Shetty led talent hunts how, India’s Next Superstar (just before Khichdi) also wrapped up at 0.5 in its finale week, after lots of buildup.”

Going on, this ace writer adds, “The IPL has also surely affected our ratings. Given the fact that we are still rating 0.5 during the IPL is a big thing, for we normally add some numbers to measure differences between IPL and non-IPL.”

“We should wait till the IPL ends, to take a call on numbers, and if we can sustain number 1, then the channel will be happy.”

“One other important parameter has been the very positive traction we are getting on Hotstar. Youth, who like our show, don’t go for appointment viewing; so the net is the best option for them. For me, ratings don’t really matter. I prefer to go for real feedback, which, so far, has been very positive. Many are asking why we are shutting shop only after 20 episodes. Our TV, especially Star Plus, is more drama-driven, and the crazy antics of our anti-family might not wash down with all audiences. Sadly, small-screen audiences have become regressive; Khichdi, on Star Plus, had really picked up after the 10th episode.  Guess viewers were more urban and emancipated then.”

He continues: “Last but not the least, even Sarabhai vs Sarabhai had not rated well when it was telecast on Star One. When people asked me for more, after watching re-runs, I wanted to ask them, where were you when it had first aired? Comedy shows were fetching TRPs of 8, while we are struggling to get even a one. Guess, laughter is a tough genre.”

We wish him luck.

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