Sreesanth is extremely upset with Dipika

‘Upset brother’ Sreesanth unfollows sister Dipika Kakar on Instagram

Everything is not well between ‘Bigg Boss 12’s siblings Sreesanth and Dipika Kakar.

It seems Sreesanth is extremely upset with Dipika to such an extent that he has even unfollowed her on Instagram.

Sreesanth unfollowed Dipika as she disrespected his wife Bhuvneshwari Kumari. Dipika unfollowed Bhuvneshwari on the photo-sharing portal and that has hurt Sreesanth deeply.

The former cricketer then went ahead and opened up to the media about the act of unfollowing Dipika. He mentioned that Bhuvneshwari is his Shakti and if anybody, including his sister, will disrespect her, then that person would not get any respect from him. Hence, he unfollowed Dipika, who he considers sister.

Is this the end of the sibling bond?

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