Bigg Boss 09th October 2022 Written Update S-16 Ep-09: Bigg Boss welcomes Shekhar Suman in the house. Inmates get excited seeing Shekhar. Shekhar tells the inmates about the Big Bulletin segment. He says he will unmask the present contender in his own way.

Bigg Boss 09th October 2022 Written Update S-16 Ep-09: Shekhar Suman in the Bigg Boss house

Today’s Bigg Boss episode starts with Sajid asking Abdu if he will feel bad if he goes. Abdu says yes. He further demands for pizza from Bigg Boss and Archana.

9 AM: Soundarya asks Nimrit to release Archana from her duty as she isn’t able to handle it. Nimrit says she can’t until Bigg Boss orders.

9:15 AM: Sajid, Shiv, Gori, Tina talks with Abdu.

9:30 AM: Soundarya asks Priyanka to complain to Nimrit. Priyanka says Nimrit is unnecessarily getting personal. She says her time will come too. Tina and Shalin talk with each other. Tina says she wasn’t comfortable with Sumbul around but she isn’t giving her space. She complained to Shalin about roaming with Sumbul. Tina says Gautam is playing with Soundarya’s feelings for the game. Shalin disagrees with Tina. He further claims Tina is hanging with Stan with a motive.

10 AM: Stan talks with Shiv and says Tina is trying to separate Sumbul and Shalin. Shiv disagrees with Stan.

11 AM: Soundarya asks Stan to remember what she told her last night. Stan says he is already avoiding Tina. Bigg Boss asks Stan not to talk softly.

11:15AM: Sajid asks Shiv why the gym person takes protein. Shiv says to heal light cracks while gyming.

12:30 PM: Tina asks Sumbul to pull Shalin’s leg. Sumbul says she doesn’t know all these. Tina pulls Shalin’s leg and teases him with Soundarya. Soundarya kisses Shalin. Tina and Sumbul enjoy it.

1 PM: Shalin asks Sumbul what is bothering her. Sumbul says none is talking to her thus she is feeling left out. Shalin says the whole day he can’t be with her. Sumbul says she isn’t complaining to him.

1: 30 PM: Shalin talks with Tina about Sumbul. He says Sumbul is feeling left out because she isn’t able to relate with anyone apart from him. Tina says Sumbul has turned crazy as she already called her twice since morning. Sumbul joins Shalin and Tina. Tina says Gautam got upset as she pulled his leg.

2:45 PM: Shalin asks Archana to cook chicken and not reveal it to any. Archana says she will cook at last. Achana says Shalin will not die if he does not consume chicken. Sumbul asks Archana not to comment on someone’s medical condition. Shalin learns about Archana’s comment. He asks Nimrit to allow Sumbul to cook his chicken as he will not eat if Archana will cook. Shalin says he will take care of her punishment.

3:15 PM: Shalin tells Gautam that Sumbul is getting obsessed with him thus they comment on him and Soundarya.

4:15 PM: Shalin, Gautam confront Tina. Tina asks Shalin not to put blame on her for what all happened between Gautam, Soundarya and him. Shalin and Tina argue with each other.

4:45 PM: Shiv, Gori, Sajid, Stan and Abdu make a strategy to be together in a group. Sajid decides to be together. Stan tells that Tina is getting cornered from both the groups thus she is getting frustrated. Sajid says even Shalin can backstab anytime in the game. He asks Abdu to be careful of Shalin and Sumbul. Gautam expresses to Soundarya, Tina that he didn’t like Shalin getting kissed by Soundary and Tina teasing him. Tina tries to explain. Gautam leaves the place. Abdu tells Gautam, Shalin, Tina and Sondarya’s issue to Stan, Shiv and Gori and Sajid. Stan says Shalin is avoiding Sumbul.

8 PM: Shalin says to Gautam that Nimrit asked him if Tina likes him. Gautam says Tina definitely has a crush on him. He says Tina is jealous of Sumbul as he roams around him. Shalin says to Gautam that he can be beyond friends for anyone be it Tina and Sumbul. Tina tells Stan that Sumbul is happy as she had a fight with Sumbul.

8:45 PM: Soundarya raps and entertains Tina and Stan. Bigg Boss shows the fans’ view on the contender’s game so far. He Tells about the Janta ke sawal segment with contenders.

9:15 PM: Bigg Boss tells housemates about Janta Ke Sawal. A fan asks Shalin to play his game and doesn’t think he is a leader. Shalin clears his point of view. A viewer tells Nimrit why she gets emotional every time. Nimrit accepts that she is emotional and sensitive. She adds being emotional and sensitive is her strength. A viewer asks Ankit why he is not visible in the game. Bigg Boss asks inmated to vote who all agree with the viewer. All housemates vote against Ankit. Bigg Boss asks Priyanka to start making Ankit speak up. Priyanka speaks up. Ankit says he is introverted but he is open. Viewer asks housemates to stop treating Abdu as a kid Abdu says he isn’t a kid. Another viewer asks Sumbul to start playing her game as she is strong. Sumbul takes the advice. Viewer asks Stan to buck up his game. Stan assures.

9:45PM: Shrijita and Priyanka advise Ankit to start speaking. Tina and Shalin argue again. Shalin claims that Tina wants to be in both the groups. He says she needs Stan too.

10:15 PM: Ankit says to Priyanka that she too treats Abdu as a kid. Priyanka disagrees. Both argue with each other. Priyanka says to Ankit he can never stand in her support ever. Priyanka cries. Abdu and Manya console Priyanka. Priyanka says Ankit never understands her. Ankit and Priyanka argue.

10:30 PM: Sajid, Shiv, Stan and Gori talk together. Sajid says another group will break in the upcoming days. Shalin says to Tina that Stan doesn’t stand him. Tina disagrees with Shalin. She claims Stan will support her and Soundarya. Later, Priyanka complained to Ankit for always taking her for granted since Udaariyaan. Bigg Boss welcomes Shekhar Suman in the house. Inmates get excited seeing Shekhar. Shekhar tells the inmates about the Big Bulletin segment. He says he will unmask the present contender in his own way. Shekhar presents himself. Inmates enjoy Shekhar’s segment. Shekhar calls Priyanka to join him in his show. Shekhar asks Priyanka why she was called the mother of the world. Nimrit explains with her fight with Manya and Gauntam, Priyanka was trying to take footage. Priyanka disagrees with Nimrit and argues. Nimrit asks Priyanka not to get personal. Priyanka asks Nimrit to follow the same.

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