In today’s episode of Divya Drishti, we see Divya and Drishti together stop Pishachini’s plan from succeeding.

Divya Drishti 08 Sept 2019 Written Update Full Episode: Pishachini’s plan fails

Today’s episode of 08 September 2019 Divya Drishti starts as we see Drishti showing Rakshit the sindoor on her forehead to remind him of their marriage and she is his wife and not any stranger. But Rakshit is yet in confusion and believes Pishachini being his wife.

The next morning we see all the members of the Shergill family wake up and appear to be very old. Their bodies are full of grey hair and wrinkles. Seeing this Pishachini laughs on everyone.

Later, Pishachini comes to meet Rakshit, Drishiti requests him not to share anything with Pishachini about what they discussed about their marriage and she disguises as a man to esacpe from the room while Pishachini enters.

Drishti is worries about Rakshit but Divya convinces her that Rakshit will get his memory back very soon. When Drishti sees Rakshit comes out of the room she asks him about what they talked in the room, but Rakshit doesn’t remember anything, this is when Drishti understands about her power to make people forget things.

Meantime, Pishachini makes a plan to kill every member of the Shergill familybut not Rakshit after getting 3 gems in 3 days. She decides to keep Rakshit as her husband.

We see Mahima giving medicine to Rakshit to cure him but Pishachini doesn’t allow her and threatens her.

The next day, everyone performs the Ganpati Pooja. Drishti, with the help of her third eye, sees the Chandelier about to fall on the people below celebrating the Ganpati Pooja. But Pishachini sees her third eye.

With Pandit Ji’s help, Divya and Drishti put to halt to Pishachini’s. plan. Simultaneously, Drishti reveals her real face to Mahima and tells her the reality about the reason for the disguise.

After the Pooja, Pishachini makes Mahima fall but Divya doesn’t allow her. Now, Drishti again sees the Chandelier falling. Divya and Drishti together stop it from falling down. Pishachini takes all the members to the terrace to push them over. The written update of 08 September 2019 Divya Drishti ends here.

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