Today’s Divya Drishti 20 April episode begins with Lavanya asking Divya (Nyra) to run away. Divya tries to see Pischachini’s (Sangita Ghosh) face but fails because of her locket.

Pishachini disappears. Divya gets angry on Lavanya. Rakshit comes to the terrace searching for Drishti. Divya rushes towards Drishti (Sana Sayyed). Divya and Drishti come face to face. They recall their past encounters and childhood days. The two sisters hug each other lovingly.

Pishachini tells Bichhu that the other magical girl is Lavanya and not Drishti. She adds that she will kill the magical twins on Amavas. Drishti and Divya settle their differences. They discuss their one-eye enemy who killed their parents.

Lavanya narrates the entire terrace incident in front of Shergill family members. However, nobody believes her. Lavanya states that Shikhar tried to kill Divya.

Divya comes and states that Lavanya is lying. Drishti reveals the real reason behind the bride swap incident to Divya. Drishti accuses Shikhar of killing Divya. Divya says she feels that Shikhar is innocent.

Divya doubts Rakshit for being Pishachini’s helper. Pishachini tries to test if Lavanya is the magical twin or not. Drishti thinks about Rakshit. She feels that he cannot be Pishachini’s helper. Drishti bumps into Rakshit. Rakshit tells her that he was worried about her.

Lavanya’s friend sees Pishachini’s real avatar. Pishachini blocks her voice just then and manages to kill her. This is when Rakshit comes to her room and Pishachini succeeds in hiding everything from him.

The written update of 20 April 2019 Divya Drishti episode full story ends.