The episode of Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin starts with Virat dancing with Sai and applying colour to her.
Pakhi is inebriated under bhang effects. She sees Sai and Virat getting close. Pakhi imagines dancing and getting romantic with Virat. Karishma comes and asks her if she is dreaming about Samarth. Pakhi realises that she was imaging.
Virat pulls Sai closer and tries to kiss her. Sai goes away.
Pulkit calls Sai. Sai answers the call. Pulkit says everything is ready and asks her if she will get Devyani. Sai says she will try to get Devyani.
Sai then goes to Devyani. Devyani applies color to her toys. Sai comes and greets her. Sai says today she will take Devyani to Pulkit. Devyani gets happy. Sai says Pulkit will play Holi with Devyani and also marry her.
Sai asks Devyani to get ready and she is getting married. Devyani says she will miss everyone in the house.
Sai help Devyani gets ready and says today her last day in their house. Said says a cab will come to take them and they will directly go to Pulkit’s house.
Meanwhile, Virat feels bad that he went close to Sai. Virat assumes Sai felt bad and went away.
On the other hand, Sai tells Devyani they will leave from the back door so that no one sees her. Sai and Devyani get out of the room. Sai tries to go out, but Bhawani stops her.