The episode of Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin starts with Sai recollecting Bhavani promising her that she will agree with Devyani and Pulkit’s wedding, if Pulkit proves his innocence; and then Pulkit denying to meet Bhavani.

Sai thinks she met Pulkit by coincidence and thought she will reunite Devyani and Pulkit, but now her family is blaming her for all the mishaps and doesn’t know what she can do further.
Sai tries to call Pulkit, but his phone is off. Sai throws her phone in anger. She sees Virat’s gift and thinks that if Virat would be with her, then he would have supported her. She tries to call Virat, but his phone is unreachable.

Madhuri calls Sai and says she wants to show something important to Sai. Sai meets Madhuri and shows her Pulkit’s messages. Madhuri reads the messages and says her brother cannot send such a message. Madhuri then says Pulkit was very happy to meer Devyani again. All the year he was away from Devyani, she saw Pulkit’s suffering for not being with Devyani.

Madhuri shows Sai all the photos and videos of Pulkit and Devyani together. Madhuri says Pulkit and Devyani love each other a lot and cannot betray anyone. Madhuri gives Pulkit’s dairy to Sai and asks her to read it.
Madhuri takes Sai’s phone and asks Sai to get water for her. Sai leaves. Madhuri sends a message from Sai’s phone to Madhuri.

Sai gives water to Madhuri. Madhuri asks Sai why she has sent all the weird messages. Sai says she did not and checks her phone. Madhuri says she has sent the messages to prove that someone else can message her through Pulkit’s phone.

Meanwhile, Ninad goes to Ashwini and says that due to Sai their house is in trouble. Ninad says Devyani was recovering, but Sai messed things by hurting Devyani.
Ninad says Sai listens to Ashwini, so he wants Ashwini to stop Sai will her Pulkit drama. Ashwini falls for her emotional drama and agrees with Ninad.

Sai returns home and tells Ashwini that maybe Pulkit is innocent, someone has kidnapped him and have sent messages from his phone.
Ashwini stops Sai and says she doesn’t want Pulkit’s name in their house again.