The episode of Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin starts with Bhavani telling Pakhi that everyone respects her in their house and will never say anything that can hurt her. Bhavani asks Pakhi to tell them clearly what she wants to says. Ashwini taunts and says Pakhi will always spill venom. Sonali says Ashwini always wants to argue with Pakhi. Ninad comes and says he does want any drama early morning. Ninad says it’s their house and not some wrestling ground. Ashwini says just with 4 walls it can never become a house, everyone should respect all their family members. Ashwini says Sai wanted to make the wall home but they kicked her out.

She says that Sai’s memories from their house will never go. Meanwhile, Sai tells the neighbours that only Ashwini values her from the entire Chavan family. Sai says it her duty to inform them of the truth and complete all her responsibility, which she did very well and now will never step back into Chavan house. Virat asks Pakhi to say what she wants to say. Pakhi says Sai is creating drama in front of the neighbours. Virat asks what is Sai saying. Pakhi says Sai is filling venom in all the neighbour’s minds about the Chavan family. Pakhi says Sai is right outside their house and asks them to go out and check. Virat comes out and asks Sai what is she doing. Sai says some sent Virat the fake papers of Pulkit’s marriage and he believed the papers without any investigation. Sai says Pulkit kept on saying that he loves Devyani and Devyani is his wife, but no one believed him. Sai says she was kicked out of the house, just because she helped Pulkit and Devyani reunite.

Ninad asks Sai to shut her mouth and get into the house. Sai says she was kicked out by Virat and everyone supported him, now she is telling the truth, so they want her to shut her mouth and come into their house. Sai says she will not step into their house. The neighbours say Sai can file a case against the Chavan family, as she has the right.

Virat says Sai is mentally ill and need treatment. Pakhi asks Virat not to argue with Sai and spoil his mood. Pakhi holds Virat’s hand and takes him inside. Sai says Pakhi’s husband is missing, and now she is holding someone’s else husband’s hand.

Sai leaves with Usha. They go to their college. Sai asks Usha to wait outside and inform when Virat arrives. Sai informs the principal that some have messed with the forms. Sai explains everything to the principal and asks him to question Vinayak. Vinayak comes and denies the statement. Sai says if Virat finds about the truth, then he will go to jail. Vinayak says someone paid him and asked him to change Pulkit’s form.
Meanwhile, Usha see Virat coming into the college.