Today’s Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 07 August episode begins with AJ (Nishant Malkani) putting the ring on Guddan’s (Kanika Mann) finger that Antara dropped. Guddan refused to let him do so because it would hurt her self-respect. AJ promised to win back Guddan’s love again.

Guddan’s fake husband Harish heard this and decided to tell Antara about Guddan’s and AJ’s plan. Guddan found Harish in the room talking to himself about speaking to Antara. She threatened him to leave the house. When Harish refused to listen to her AJ entered the room and stopped Harish.
Guddan informed Harish that she had proof against him and would take him to the police if he didn’t leave. Guddan and AJ were happy with Harish leaving and discussing how to tackle Antara. While they were walking down the stairs Guddan slipped. AJ held Guddan in his arms.

Antara noticed Guddan trying to get close to AJ. She called the entire family and accused Guddan of trying to steal her husband. Antara became suspicious of seeing AJ and Guddan that close. She asked Saraswati bahu to carry out a plan. AJ interrupted them by bringing Antara milk. Antara passed out after drinking the milk.

Saraswati also drank the milk and went off to sleep. AJ called Daadi and the rest of the family and said he drugged Antara and Saraswati. AJ then explained that Guddan had been right all along and they were wrong to believe Antara. AJ even told everyone how he found out the truth. Daadi apologised to Guddan for trusting her. The written update of 07 August 2019 Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega episode full story ends here.

In the upcoming episode of Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega, watch AJ disguised as a rich businessman to lure Antara with his money. Stay tuned!