Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum 02 August 2019 Written Update of today’s episode we see how Rohit took Sonakshi in his team to help find the real culprit.

Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum 02 August 2019 Written Update:  Rohit teams up with Sonakshi

Today’s Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum 02 August episode begins with Ajit practicing on the punching bag. Rohit (Karan Grover) came and said complete the work out with him, he will see what he learnt, come on punch. Ajit asked him to leave. Rohit said he will see what he learnt. Rohit beat Ajit. Ajit said he quit. Rohit said his every patient was his responsibility, he never refuse to anyone, his personal problem was outside the hospital, understood. Ajit said yes. Rohit took his shorts and went. Trainer gave a pillow to Ajit. Sonakshi and Pari came to the court.

She asked Pari not to say anything, else she will slap. She said don’t be strict to explain children, she was doing the same, she had done court scenes many times, but she had no courage to go in here. She looked inside the court. She signed Pari to sit outside. She saw Rohit sitting alone. Rohit gave her some papers and said he didn’t want Pooja to get any loss, this was right for her. Sonakshi checked the papers. She said he wanted to have a out of court settlement. He said yes, because his mom felt she was true, she should get a chance to prove it, nothing was over, the case was withdrawn, not the blame, he said the culprit was roaming free, not now, they will talk when they were with his lawyer at his office.

She gave him the fees cheque and said it was also equal. He said get Suman’s regular check up done; he will meet in the evening. Sonakshi and Pari came to Suman at the hospital. Suman said Verna told her everything, she was happy that 15 crores problem was over, she would have convinced Rohit. Pari said yes, her crown and career were safe. Verma said Suman was taking tension so she told her. He went. Sonakshi said they didn’t have to pay them. Sonakshi said they had to reach real culprit.Sonakshi got a call and said she will reach Rohit’s office. Netra said she had all the scenes today. Sonakshi said this was important. She said she will do her work and leave early. Netra said fine, she will face the close ups of tomorrow shoots.

Pooja hugged Rohit and everyone. She said she was happy, Rohit took the case back. Rohit said he was meeting Sonakshi to know who the culprit was. Netra said they will take Sonakshi’s close ups. Sonakshi got busy in the shoot. Netra got Sonakshi’s solo scenes and close ups shot. Netra thanked Sonakshi and asked her to go. Sonakshi left. Rohit said he can understand Sumit was jealous, but who was Karan, why will he do this. Sonakshi said Karan and she were engaged. Rohit said it meant he had a reason to take revenge. Sonakshi said she doubted Sumit more. Deepa said they had to find out who did this, they had no proof. Rohit said they had to trap them. Sonakshi said like they do in hindi serial, they will call goons. Rohit asked how many goons’ numbers she had. Sonakshi said they will call them at a disco and add truth serum in their drinks, they do this in serials. Rohit said they don’t get it in real life, it was narco analysis test which police did, and they can’t do it. Sonakshi said they will take their signs on blank paper and write their confession, when police see this, they can lodge the Fir. Rohit said give these ideas to her writers.

Sonakshi said but she got this from them, they do this in serials. Rohit asked Deepa to say something. Deepa said no, these ideas won’t work here, she had an idea, why don’t they call them and tell that they knew what they did, they will call them at the place, one who did will come. Rohit said this idea will work. Sonakshi said she had seen this idea in an english movie. Deepa said it was from a movie. Rohit said it was good idea. Sonakshi said he didn’t like hindi serial idea. Rohit said they will do what was good, who will call them. Sonakshi asked how they will call. Deepa asked if she had their landline. Rohit asked who used landlines. Sonakshi asked Vishal called him on landline, as he was sleeping. Deepa said they will use Tulsi’s number. Sonakshi said wait. She got things out of her purse and said she had kept it here. Rohit said she had the entire ration shop with her. Sonakshi said she got the extra sim card, fans sent gifts. She joked and said he had to use it. He said make a call by putting this in his phone.

She used her hair pin. He asked who will talk. She said she will call. He said no, he will understand, was there any educated blackmailer, they talked rudely and in a bad manner. Sonakshi saw Rohit and signed Deepa. He asked what. She said he will be perfect, none can do this well. He said no, he can’t do this. They said of course he can do this. Sonakshi ate food from her tiffin and said doctor blackmailer. Deepa said she will instal voice changing app in his phone. Rohit said she knew criminal apps also, fine but what will he say. Sonakshi said don’t take tension, she will write the dialogues, say it normally, like he said rudely without any emotion. He asked if he talked rudely. She said just like that, the other person will be scared, who liked talking to him. He said his mom. She said she was mum, leave her. He said her to do this blackmailing. Deepa asked him to sit and call. The written update of 02 August 2019 Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum episode full story ends here.

In the upcoming episode of Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum, watch Rohit hopes to find the real culprit soon. Stay tuned!

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