Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum 17 July 2019 Written Update of today’s episode we see how Pari wanted Sonakshi to talk to the judge but she denies which upsets Pari.

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Today’s Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum 17 July episode begins with Suman talking to Amrita. Suman made a deal of Sonakshi (Deepika Kaur) performing for 12 lakhs and would send her for rehearsals. Suman got tea for Sonakshi and woke her up. Sonakshi said it was a holiday today. Suman said she had to go for rehearsals as she had to perform in Pari’s event, the organizers wanted her to perform; it was 12 lakhs deal, she had returned 8 lakhs watch and 6 lakhs, and they had to balance it. She told her to get ready and go. Pari was also there. Veena got ready. Naren helped her. She smiled. He said she looked very beautiful. She said he was in a romantic mood today. He showed a nail cutter. Sonakshi rehearsed. Sunita said she did well. Sonakshi said she was scared, where was Arjun. Rishi said she did well, he would come, and they took a break. She asked Adi to make her meet Pari. He said he will check and tell her. Sumit heard him calling out Pari.

He saw Pari. Veena cut Naren’s nails. He screamed. He said he used big instruments in hospital but was scared to use nail cutters, she cut his nails like kids, what would people say. He joked and laughed. He said he knew she liked cutting nails; he remembered him falling in love at first sight in college and made him promise. They talked about college times. She said it was done. He said it was the toughest thing. She said she worried about Rohit. He asked why. She said he should also get a life partner, she can feel his loneliness. He said he will get a life partner. She said after whatever happened. Rohit recalled some girl and that slapped. He called and the call didn’t connect. He left the call on. He heard someone answering. He took the phone and shouted. He called again. He went out of his cabin and hit. The nurse looked at him. Yash sang seeing Nishi and asked if he was still upset.

Nishi hugged him and cried. He said smile, he didn’t sing so bad. She said she was stressed about Pooja, she wanted to win this competition for them, she knew she had tried her best. She knew Pooja, she was emotional and won’t be able to tolerate this failure. Sumit greeted the girls and said he was a new judge and thought to give best wishes to them. The lady introduced Sumit Khanna. Sumit greeted Pari and asked her to do well. Pooja looked on. Yash said the nurse said Pooja was weak. They made sure to cheer her even if she lost today. They joked and smiled. Nishi said not to cry, else it will be tough to explain her mum. He said that meant she is coming with him to meet mum. She said yes, she knew they don’t gel well, but she had a special relationship with him. He took her. Veena called out everyone. The servant switched off the lights. Everyone made special entries and laughed. Sukhmani asked where YK and Nishi were. Yash and Nishi came. Veena hugged Nishi and complimented her. Sonakshi thanked Rishi. Suman said she was going to get ready and came here. Sonakshi asked what it was. Suman said crow had given the good luck, where was the good luck. Pari came and hugged her. They complimented each other.

Pari said she needed to talk to her. She asked everyone to go out. She said she knew the new judge was Sumit and asked to talk to him. Sonakshi asked what the need was. Pari said it was needed; ask him to take care of her. Sonakshi asked her to win by her hard work. Suman said the victory was important, how did it matter if they talked to Sumit, it was about Pari’s career, she won’t tolerate her ethics, Pari had to win. Sonakshi said she would win without anyone’s favor. Suman said she was her mum and knew what she needed, and asked to talk to Sumit now. Sonakshi said she can’t. Pari said she didn’t love her. She was jealous of her, that she will become a bigger star. Sonakshi asked why she would be jealous, she will be so happy if she wins. Sonakshi tried to make her understand but Pari only accused her of being jealous and proud. It made Sonakshi upset. The written update of 17 July 2019 Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum episode full story ends here.

In the upcoming episode of Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum, watch Rohit asks to track a number, Sonakshi and Rohit argue to get seats for their family. Stay tuned!

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