Today’s episode of 11 September 2019 Kasauti Zindagi Ki starts as we see Bajaj trying to tell Prerna the whole accident situation. Prerna puts accusations on Bajaj for trying to kill Anurag. Bajaj tries to prove himself innocent but Prerna asks him why he didn’t help Anurag and left him there.

Doctor asks Shivani to call some close relative of Anurag. She chooses to call Mohini and tell her about the accident.

Meanwhile, Prerna cautions Bajaj that she won’t let him hurt Anurag. Bajaj tells him about Anurag’s critical condition. Simultaneously, Sharda Maasiji plans to fake being sick to put Prerna in a catch of confusion. Prerna tells that Bajaj has to give all the answers to the questions if anything happens to Anurag.

Meanwhile, Mohini reaches the hospital wants to meet her son. The doctor tells her that Anurag hasn’t been responding and someone close should try and make him by talking to him. Mohini goes and tries talking to Anurag. Nivedita also tries talking to Anurag and bring him to conscious. Later, Shivani realizes only Prerna can help in Anurag’s recovery. Bajaj wishes to tell Mohini the truth even Prerna offers to come along. The written update of 11 September 2019 Kasauti Zindagi Ki ends here.