In Kasautii Zindagii Kay Written Update 23rd March 2020 episode, Prerna meets a girl and she gives Prerna a balloon. Prerna meets Mr Sudeep and gets the papers signed for the industrial construction.

Kasautii Zindagii Kay Written Episode Update 23rd March 2020: Prerna’s tactical decision

The episode begins with Komolika thinking that Prerna cursed her she won’t become a mother but Prerna lost her daughter in the fire. Elsewhere, a small girl runs with a balloon and it somehow enters Prerna’s car. Prerna asks the girl to sit in the car and they share a talk. She tells Prerna that she liked her and so she can keep the balloon. Prerna asks her how old she is and she says she is eight. Komolika thinks how she gave Anurag and Prerna’s daughter to the orphanage. She says she did for herself because of her insecurity that Prerna will return to Anurag’s life because of her daughter.

The little girl tells her aunty about Prerna. Prerna thinks why she feels connected to the balloon. After she reaches the office, the balloon flies and Anurag holds it and recalls his daughter Sneha. The driver wonders where the balloon went. Meanwhile, Komolika belittles Nivedita. She asks Nivedita to clean the house and recalls how she had tried to unite Prerna and Anurag.

Prerna meets Mr Sudeep and explains to him about her project. She says she wants to build a residential area for the common man on half of her land and construct an industrial estate on half the land so that the people living there can work there and don’t have to stay away from their families. She says Basu’s project is about luxury while hers is about necessity. Mr Sudeep gets impressed and signs the papers. Prerna gets happy thinking Basu’s dreams are crushed.

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