The episode of Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi starts with Dev standing in shock looking at Ayush. Ayush asks Rohit to take medicine. Ayush asks Rohit not to cry as he is there beside him. Rohit asks the nurse to take Ayush outside. Rohit says that he is not worthy to apologize for his mistake but wants to request that Dev should give all the love and care to Ayush which he deserves. Rohit asks Dev not to punish Ayush for the crime which he did. Dev says Rohit is from Delhi and his wife is from Kolkata. Rohit takes the hospital name and says their wives were admitted to that hospital. Rohit says that Dev can ask nurse Neena who helped him to exchange the baby. Rohit falls unconscious.

Dev calls in the Kolkata hospital and talks to Neena. Neena tells Dev that she helped Rohit to exchange the baby, for money as she needed money. Dev scolds her for being ruthless. The nurse tells the doctor that they need some medicines from the medical store. Ayush says he will get the medicine. Ayush goes to the chemist and takes the medicine. Dev goes to him and asks if he needs any help. Ayush says he has taken the medicine and took the remaining money too. Ayush gives the medicines to the nurse.

Dev asks the nurse to take care of Ayush and goes to Kolkata to meet the nurse. At night, Dev returns home and tells everything to Sonakshi. Sonakshi says she cannot believe it. She says Soha is their daughter and that man must have some misunderstanding. Dev says he went to Kolkata and confronted the nurse, she said that Sonakshi gave birth to a baby boy and she exchanged the baby with a baby girl. Sonakshi says Ayush if their son, then Soha is not their daughter, how can it be?

Dev and Sonakshi cannot sleep. Sonakshi closes her eyes and dreams that the police are taking Soha away from her. Sonakshi wakes up and cries. She goes to Soha and hugs her. She tells Soha that she will never let Soha go away from her.