The episode of Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi starts with Sonakshi talking to her father on a video call. She asks Soha if her homework is done. Soha makes Sonakshi sit on the sofa, fix her hair and says perfect. Sonakshi gives breakfast to her kids. Dev texts her. Sonakshi tells her mother in law that she is getting late and leaves to drop Soha at school. Sonakshi says she will be attending a meeting with Dev.

Sonakshi reaches the location. Dev is talking to Natasha. They chit chat for a while. Sonakshi asks Dev if they can leave in an hour as she has a lot of work to do. Dev says all the investors are there and they cannot leave. They start playing a game. Natasha guesses the movie name right. She asks Sonakshi and Dev to go next. Sonakshi gets the movie Titanic, she thinks she failed last time to guess the same movie and Dev can remember that pose. Sonakshi poses like Titanic but Dev couldn’t guess and they lose.

Natasha asks Sonakshi if everything is okay. Sonakshi says everything is fine. They are busy in their life and such small mistakes don’t matter. Natasha says the Titanic sank due to a small iceberg. Sonakshi worries.

Dev and Sonakshi are on their way toward their office. A car overtakes them at speed. Dev worries about the driver. The car further meets with an accident. The man is taken to the hospital. The man’s son sees him and goes with him. Dev completes his work and returns home. He tells his mother that Sonakshi will be late, as she has some work.

The next day, Dev goes to work. He gets a call from the hospital, says Rohit Varma met in a car accident yesterday and he is insisting to meet Dev. Sonakshi asks Dev to come home as she cannot handle both kids. Dev says he has some urgent work and will come home later. Dev goes to meet Rohit.

Rohit says that Dev must not be knowing him, but he knows Dev for 8 years. Rohit says he is dying and will not lie. He says that he made a mistake. Rohit says Dev is not his daughter’s biological father. Dev asks what he means. Rohit says his wife gave birth to a baby girl and Dev’s wife gave birth to a baby boy, he wants a baby boy so he exchanged the baby.

The boy comes to Rohit. Rohit tells Dev that he is Ayush Mant. Ayush looks at Dev. Dev stands shocked.