Kulfi Kumar Bajewala 18 June 2019 Written Update of today’s episode we see how Kulfi told the truth to Lovely which shocked her to her very core.

Kulfi Kumar Bajewala 18 June 2019 Written Update:  Lovely started panicking

Today’s Kulfi Kumar Bajewala 18 June episode begins with Kulfi (Aakriti Sharma) wanting to inform Rocket about Chandan planning to kill Bhola.She spotted Rocket coming and worried for him but Rocket hid from Chandan. Aai got leaving and Nandini got emotional over it. Aai told Nandini that she should send Bhola to the music camp as he was very talented. Bhola was happy as Aai wasn’t upset with him. Aai relied on hin and connected with him. She handed over Pakhi and Nandini’s responsibility to him. Chandan’s goons waited for the chance to kill him. Chandan doubted that somebody was behind him. Lovely arrived before he could spot Rocket.

Lovely was worried for Amyra. Chandan found Lovely acting strange and didn’t let her reach Amyra. Amyra told Lovely that she need not worry about her as she was with her father. Chandan threatened Lovely that he will take Amyra from her. He told Amyra to go with him. Chandan scared Lovely with a knife. Lovely got scared with his behaviour. Chandan announced his claimed on the house. Kuldi signaled Lovely that she knew about Chandan. Kulfi was shocked that Lovely finally learnt the truth. Chandan told Lovely that he had a family and hoped that she understood where their happiness lied. Kulfi signaled Rocket to rush to Bhola.

Rocket saw Chandan’s threatening towards the family. The goon reached Bhola to kill him. Kulfi sang a song and pleaded to him. She passed the message to him via her song so that he can understand that Sikandar aka Bhola was in danger. Lovely tried to derive the meaning from Kulfi’s song. Rocket understood what Kulfi meant to say. Rocket wanted to save Sikandar’s life. Kulfi left everything on fate. Chandan expected a call from his goon. Rocket took help from his friends to save Sikandar. The kids tried to warn Bhola about the thief in the house.

The goons ran away while Sikandar got alert. Chandan got furious to learn that Sikandar wasn’t dead. Lovely admitted that Kulfi was right about Chandan and that Sikandar went missing. She sought Kulfi’s help to save Amyra from Chandan. Kulfi asked Lovely to not panic. She asked Lovely to fight back. Kulfi revealed the truth to Lovely that Sikandar was alive and Chandan planned to kill him. Lovely was in shock that Kulfi finally found her father. Kulfi sent her friends to save SIkandar.

She gives her a phone number to connect to Rocket. Rocket tells Kulfi that they have saved Sikandar together. Kulfi is grateful to her remand home friends. Lovely offers them help to save Sikandar. She asks the kids to save Sikandar by sending him to the secure place like the music camp. Kulfi wants to help Sikandar by her earned money. Kulfi asks Rocket to shift Sikandar to the camp soon. Lovely asks Kulfi why wasn’t Sikandar protecting himself, why isn’t he returning home to the family. Kulfi revealed the bigger shock of Sikandar’s memory loss.

Lovely wanted to do anything to save Sikandar and get him home. She apologized to Kulfi. Kulfi wanted to take responsibility of finding Sikandar and returning him all his memories. Lovely felt proud of Kulfi. She wanted to accompany Kulfi. Kulfi asked her to protect Amyra from Chandan, until she got Sikandar home. She decided to go to the same medical camp. Lovely tricked Chandan to send Kulfi to the camp and expressed her fake hatred for Kulfi. The written update of 18 June 2019 Kulfi Kumar Bajewala episode full story ends here.

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