Kullfi Kumar Bajewala 19 April 2019 Written Update of today’s episode we see how Benaam group is belittled by the audience and then police show up to arrest them. Mohinder fails to help them but a government official steps in.

Kullfi Kumar Bajewala 19 April 2019 Written Update Full Episode: Kulfi is saved by Sikander

Today’s Kulfi Kumar Bajewala 19 April episode begins with Sikander (Mohit Malik) requesting the audience to calm down and understand that it’s a children’s group performing. The bodyguards come and take Benaam group off the stage.

Sikander and Amyra (Myra Singh) rush behind them. The kids break down in tears thinking about the people’s allegations. Mia comes to the kids and scolds them for not revealing their truth. She adds that her team will take them out safely.

The kids throw stones on Benaam group. Sikander comes and covers the kids. Lovely says she will tell everyone that Kulfi is innocent. Kulfi gets angry on Sikander for leaving her alone. She adds that she will not leave her friends alone at this crucial hour. Amyra stops Sikander from running behind Kulfi.

Mia asks Sikander to take his family away. Amyra gets a panic attack. Amma comes along with the police officers to take Benaam kids back to the remand home. Amyra asks Sikander not to help Kulfi. She reveals that she unmasked Kulfi deliberately. She asks Sikander not to leave her.

Lovely consoles Amyra by saying that she will not let Sikander rescue Kulfi. Mohinder says that he will protect Kulfi. The police officers drag Benaam group. Mohinder fails to help them. A government official comes and saves Benaam group.

When the police officer are dragging the Benaam group, Mohinder tries his best but fails and just then, a government official comes and saves them. The written update of 19 April 2019 Kulfi Kumar Bajewala episode full story ends here.

In the upcoming episode of Kulfi Kumar Bajewala, Kulfi is electrocuted. Stay tuned!

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