In today's episode Kumkum Bhagya 15 May 2019 Aliya threatens to arrest Prachi after accusing her of serving bad food in order to save Rhea.

Kumkum Bhagya 15 May 2019 Full Episode Written Update Full Episode: Aliya Threatens Prachi

Today’s episode of Kumkum Bhagya 15 May 2019 starts with Abhi asking to get started with the food while Rhea is nervous because she wasn’t expecting the the guests to eat the bad food. She requests Abhi to wait and until Mithali Aunty has tasted the food but Abhi ignores her. Aliya notices Rhea is in distress and takes her to the side to ask her what happened.

Rhea tells Aliya about the ruined food. Aliya gets mad at Rhea initially but then goes and calls the doctor before anything bad happens. They enter the part where they see the guests eating the food. The guest start getting sick. Even Daadi thinks there’s something wrong with the food and Abhi then asks everyone to not eat the food.

Aliya then confronts Prachi and Shahana about the food they prepared. Abhi tries to intervene but she is insistent on calling the police to get Prachi arrested for spoiling the food. Abhi asks Prachi to get out of the house. He refuses to listen to anyone when they tell him to stop and listen to Prachi’s side.

Meanwhile Pragya is nursing Shanti after she fainted. Shanti wants Pragya to help Prachi and Shahana instead of taking care of her. But Pragya assures her that everything will be okay. Prachi is sad that she disappointed Abhi and tells Shahana so. But Shahana is unhappy with Abhi.

Daadi too gets upset with Abhi. She tells him that he should not have told Prachi to leave but Abhi tells him that he did so , so that Prachi wouldn’t have to go to the police again.At night, Mira serves Abhi some coffee which he avoids drinking. Next morning, she enters in to find him missing.

Today’s Kumkum Bhagya written update 15 May 2019 full episode ends here.

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