Kumkum Bhagya Written Update S-01 Ep-2219 15th September 2022: Sid pleads with Alia and Rhea to leave Mihika but they shout at him and tell him that they will keep Mihika with them till he marries Prachi as Mihika is an important player in their plan.

Kumkum Bhagya Written Update S-01 Ep-2219 15th September 2022: Alia and Rhea threaten Sid

Today’s Kumkum Bhagya episode starts with Mihika saying she didn’t expect to hear this kind of good news while she just came to the house. Ranbir hears it and leaves from there. Mihika says if they are both ok with it then she will attend the marriage. Alia says they have both agreed that’s why the marriage date is fixed. Alia takes Mihika from there saying that she will show her new dresses for the function. Rahul comes to his friends and says this is the right time to implement their plan. They start their work. Prachi goes after Ranbir. Prachi tries to explain to Ranbir but he doesn’t want to listen to what she has to say. Prachi says to Ranbir that she was earning at that time for both of them. Ranbir feels hurt by what she said and argues with her. Prachi says she just wanted to live her dreams.

Then in Kumkum Bhagya, Ranbir says his biggest dream was her. Ranbir leaves saying this. Rhea and Alia start praising Mihika for what she did. Mihika requests Alia and Rhea to allow her to leave. Rhea and Alia say they will not allow her as she is the life of the marriage. Sid comes to Alia’s room. Sid calls Mihika. Mihika goes to Sid. Rhea taunts Sid. Sid asks Rhea and Alia to allow Mihika to leave. Rhea says they will not leave her. Sid says he is going to reveal everything to everyone as there is no threat to her in this house. Rhea and Alia call Sid stupid. Alia claps to call the goons. Goons come from the other door. They have a gun. Alia says to Sid that they are going to stay with Sid as his office boy. Rhea comments on Sid and Mihika. Shahana tries to talk to Prachi.

Later in Kumkum Bhagya Prachi says it doesn’t matter to her anymore and everyone can do what they want. Shahana comments on it. Aryan comes to Shahana. Shahana sees Aryan eating chips and she argues with him about it. Shahana says Ranbir and Prachi are worried about their lives and he is eating chips here as if he doesn’t care. Shahana orders Aryan to check how Ranbir is doing. Aryan goes to check on Ranbir. When Aryan knocks on the door. Ranbir thinks it is Prachi and starts talking to him. When he turns and sees it is Aryan. Ranbir asks Aryan why he didn’t say anything. Aryan says he can only say anything if Ranbir gives him a chance. Ranbir talks to Aryan about Prachi and says now he doesn’t care anymore. Aryan asks Ranbir now what he is going to report to Shahana. Ranbir says he just doesn’t care anymore and walks away.

Lastly in Kumkum Bhagya, Mihika says to Rhea and Alia that everything will be out of control. Mihika says she saw some people in the kitchen with guns. Rhea and Alia laugh at Mihika thinking she was lying. Alia asks the Goons to take Mihika to her room. She will handle everything here. Alia and Rhea take Sid from the room. The goon also takes Mihika from there. Rhea and Alia talk to each other. They both comment on Sid. Rhea and Alia see Pallavi and Daljeet talking. They comment on them. Daljeet says to Pallavi that she is still suspicious of Rhea. Pallavi says to Daljeet that Rhea is trying to be a good daughter-in-law and how can we stop her? She asks Daljeet to at least trust Rhea a little. Vikram asks Ranbir how he is. Prachi runs into Ranbir and leaves and doesn’t even say sorry. Ranbir says she is rude. Prachi hears this and gives him an answer saying you will be treated the same way you treat others.

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