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In today's episode of Kundali Bhagya, we see Prithvi trying to explain Sarla and all other members regarding he going to marry Preeta but Karan ruined it and also Karan is seeing waring Prithvi.

Kundali Bhagya 13 September 2019 Written Update Full Episode: Karan Saves Preeta From Prithvi

Today’s episode of 13 September 2019 Kundali Bhagya begins with Shrishti exclaims that they both are made for each other, Prithvi is not accepting it saying that she is against him as she never liked him but what about the society as they will never accept it. Karan says that he does not care for anyone till Preeta is with him.

Prithvi’s mother also refuses to accept the marriage, he also says that he has and will not accept the wedding.
The doctor is explaining that she has given her the injection but they have to take care of her, Rishab promises to take care of her, Sherlin says to Karina how will they keep Preeta away, because of whom their dadi has gotten ill, Karina vows to take care of her mother under any circumstance.

Prithvi explains that he along with everyone believes that the wedding is not valid, he is about to go to Preeta but Karan stops him, he turns to Preeta asking if she believes that they are married because they have done it with the complete rituals of the society and the religion, he explains the promise they made to be with each other, he answers that he did not know how much he loved her, he came to understand when he accidentally pushed her while fighting with [Prithvi after he came to help her, he realized how much he loved her as it is said that those who fight also love echo her,. They both are standing looking at each other.

Prithvi taunts him explaining that he is creating a filmy scene, Karan warns him to stay away and they both get into a fight, Sarla stops them both saying that it is not an election, Shrishti says that they will have to ask Karan and Preeta if they want to stay with each other. Prithvi says that he has married her as a cheat, Sarla says that they have both married and now nothing can happen, Prithvi asks if she will send her daughter with anyone who comes through her door, Sarla stops him saying that it is Karan whom she knows really well, meaning that they will remain happy with each other. Sarla says that she will ask the Pandit who was the one behind the wedding.

Pandit explains that the wedding has been performed while keeping the religious rituals and so the wedding is valid, Prithvi however still refuses to say that he feels Pandit is saying it under pressure which he came to know when he refused to come and again start the rituals, Janki says that they both have gotten married and now no one can do anything about it, they both joke after which Sarla asks him to call his family as she wants them to also bless them both.

Everyone is sitting with Dadi, Sherlin wonders what she must do to go back to her room as she is feeling really sleepy, she wonders how they all are able to stand to look at the sleeping old women, just then dadi wakes to ask for Karan, Rishab explains that he will call him, Karina tries to calm her down by saying that he must busy with some work, Rishab is calling him but it does not connect. They ask why she is asking for him, Dadi explains that she has seen an awkward dream which she will only share with him.

Sarla is trying to call the Luthras but it doesn’t connect, Karan is thinking of a plan to stop her from calling as otherwise, it will create a lot of problems, he pumps Prithvi into getting in a fight with him, Sarla stops Prithvi saying that Karan is now the son in law of her house whom she cannot let him disrespect.

Prithvi tries to apologize with Sarla for how he behaved, he explains that she must understand him as he was about to get married to her daughter but everything got ruined because of Karan and he even believes the Pandit is working with Karan.

He runs to Preeta but Karan stops him, he asks Preeta that they both were meant for each other, they were even about to get married so she must not think of anyone and if she wants to marry him then only has to say after which they will get married, Preeta exclaims that he is a lovely person who cares for her but he must not worry for her anymore as she is the wife of Karan Luthra.

Janki says that the bride has also accepted that she is the bride of Karan, he gets frustrated, she explains that both the bride and groom have accepted each other as husband and wife so he should leave and let them enjoy. Prithvi answers that he was supposed to marry Preeta and will do it by any means necessary he tries to take Preeta’s hand but Karan stops him warning him to stay away from his wife otherwise he will break his arm. The written update of 13 September 2019 Kundali Bhagya ends here.

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