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In Kundali Bhagya Written Update Episode 830 19th November 2020, we see that Mahira sees that Karan is worried, she asks him what is wrong. She tries to get closer to Karan, but Karan pushes Mahira away from him.

Kundali Bhagya Written Update Ep 830 19th October 2020: Mahira tries to get closer to Karan

The episode of Kundali Bhagya starts with Mahira thinking that why is this family not accepting her as their daughter-in-law. She also thinks that till today this family did not accept Preeta as their daughter-in-law. Mahira recalls how the family was taking care of Preeta when she got hurt. She thinks that why do they care for Preeta when they don’t like her.

Karan is worried and drops his phone. Mahira comes to him and asks him why he looks so worried. Karan replies that he thought that Mahira was joking when she said that she will be keeping fast for him. But when Ramona came, then he got to know how serious Mahira was. Mahira says that she loves him and can do anything for him. Mahira tries to go closer to Karan. Karan pushes her away and says that he was not able to breathe, and she was very close to him.

Mahira tells Karan that she feels like Karan is trying to send her away from him. Mahira says that Karan even mentioned that he likes her at the Sargi. Karan says that it was just to make Preeta jealous. Later, Mahira is not able to control her hunger. She thinks of breaking her fast; then she thinks that she is Karan’s real wife and has to fast for Karan’s long life.

Rishabh tells Karan that Preeta is not feeling well. Karan rushes to Preeta. Preeta is not able to control her hunger, she is holding her stomach. Karan sees Preeta holding her stomach. Karan makes her sit on the bed and also asks her if she believes in the rituals. Preeta says yes she believes in rituals, and she will fulfil it as she wants Karan to live long. Karan suggests her to have something as he does not believe in rituals, Preeta refuses to break the fast.

Mahira goes into the kitchen and is about to eat a paratha. Dadi and Karina enter, they scold her saying that Mahira came to them to ask if she can keep fast for Karan and now if she was about to break it, while Preeta still has kept her fast even if she is not well.

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