In today’s episode we can see that In the kidnappers’ room, meet Ahlawat. Kidnapper inquires about his identity. He says, “Look at this bag, 11 crores all yours,” but there’s a catch: if I pay you, I’ll require medical records for each child.” Kidnapper says, “Wait a minute, let me speak with my employer.” Hoshiyar approaches Meet and says, “Because of Meet’s intelligence, my Duggu returned safe, don’t know what could have happened, and she helped ten more kids and rescued them,” I’m not sure if I’m right or wrong, but her decision to be an officer was correct, and if you don’t believe me, come with me and I’ll show you.”

Everyone goes outside to view the family and their children. Meet Ahlawat tells Babita, “Meet helped everyone along with society, she did great,” and “try to think one time if she becomes officer, can’t she handle her duties related to house and society, she didn’t have power today, but she still helped think how she can help society with that uniform and power, it will be a great help, please give permission.” Meet Ahlawat answers, “Of course,” and says, “Meet and accept everyone’s blessings.” Babita tells Raj that she has chosen not to mention anything negative about Meet. Meet Ahlawat, who stands behind her and says, “You have been unable to fill out police forms since morning, where have you been stuck?” and takes her laptop. He reads, “How will you serve as an officer?” and asks about her weaknesses and strengths. Meet Ahlawat, who turns around and tells you that you are brave, helpful, and adorable. I still want to fill out the form, says Meet.

This says to Ram, “I understand what your strengths and weaknesses are,” and “Meet, you won’t be able to complete out this form.”