In Today’s Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah episode, Sodhi visited the Bhide family in order to introduce him to the society compound. Bhide and Madhavi then arrived at the society compound. Upon returning to the compound, he joined his hands to apologize to everyone because society’s work was finished, but when he looked around him, the bamboo and curtains were gone, and he realized that the task had been finished. He was astonished and perplexed by how society’s work was carried out. He received compliments from Popatlal, Jethalal, and Champak Chacha. Everyone was thanking him for keeping his word and completing society’s work. When Madhavi said to Bhide, “All of them were calling you to praise, not for tormenting,” he was being applauded by everyone. Bhide was so serene that Popatlal questioned him, “Why are you so calm?” Bhide retorted, “I am startled myself; these bamboos were occupied till the night, but I do not know how it is removed now.” When he told the society members about Babu Chipke and his chat from yesterday night after they had heard this, everyone started to wonder. As soon as Babu chipped, his brother arrived. Bhide questioned him, “If you were going to do the work then, why did you give me stress?” Babu Cheeke responded, “I didn’t finish this work. Tapu Sena did.” Then everyone rang the Tapu sena and demanded to know if they had taken out the bamboo.

Finally, Tapu Sena described how they assisted Babu Chipke. They all traveled to Film City and hired workers from there until the work was finished the following morning. Everyone was delighted to hear this and cheered for Tapu Sena, but Bhide also respected the Mahila Mandal because they had decided to maintain the previous social order. Everything went smoothly because Babu Chipe and his brother were also lauded and admired at the same time.

The story had a nice ending.