In today’s Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah episode Jethalal and Taarak are going together for work. Jethalal tells Taarak that their Gokuldham members are so loving as they happily gave him permission to perform the aarti. Taarak says that their Gokuldham family is one and they all believe in unity. Jethalal says that he is very happy and he will perform Mataji’s aarti with full bhakti. Taarak tells Jethalal that his happiness should be Like this always and he should not face any problem. Jethalal asks him as to why he will face any problem. Taarak tells Jethalal that whenever he becomes happy, tension comes free with it. Jethalal tells Taarak not to be negative at least for today. Taarak says one never knows what’s going to happen. He continues to say that before Jethalal reaches the shop maybe Bagha and Natu Kaka have already kept tension ready for him. Jethalal tells Taarak to be positive and stop giving him tension. He tells Taarak to go to the office separately and not with him.

Then in Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah, Bagha and Natu Kaka decorate the shop and then they receive a call. Bagha takes the call and becomes very happy. Natu Kaka asks him what it is. Bagha tells him that if Sethji comes then he will tell them together. They both put garba songs on the speaker and they start doing garba. The outsiders also start doing garba. Jethalal comes and tells Bagha to stop the music and asks the man who was dancing with Bagha and Natu Kaka as to what he wants to buy. He said nothing as he came inside to do garba as he heard the music. Jethalal asks Bagha and Natu Kaka why they have put speakers outside the shop. Bagha tells Jethalal that people will hear its sound quality and come to buy the speaker and already four customers came to buy it. Jethalal sees the dandiya box and asks them why they brought dandiya. They tell him that they have kept a scheme that customers will give a pair of dandiya for free after buying a TV.

Lastly in Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah, Natu Kaka tells Bagha to share the important news. Bagha tells Jethalal that he has to leave for Lonavala right now. Jethalal asks why. Bagha answers that their party is opening a new resort in Lonavala and wants all the electronic items from our shop and their meeting is today itself. Jethalal tells them that he can’t go today as he is going to perform first aarti today. Bagha says that it is a 25 lakhs deal and the dealer is going to London at night and they want to do their resort inauguration this Diwali itself. Jethalal gets confused. Bagha tells Jethalal that aarti is at 8:30 pm. and it will take 2 hours to reach Lonavala and 2 hours to come back and the meeting will last almost for 2 hours and now there is still time so he can go and come back by 7:00 pm. Jethalal agrees and leaves for Lonavala. Popatlal prepares prasad for the puja and Anjali decorated aarti thali for Jethalal. Then all ladies remember Daya and then do garba in Daya’s style.

Picture Credit- Sony Liv