In today’s Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah episode the nine girls come into the society and tell everyone that they wanted to go to the temple to do aarti and do the Garba but they got stuck on the way. Nobody helped them but Jethalal helped them and brought them into society. They tell that they were lucky as Jethalal was getting late to the aarti then too he helped them. Bapuji says that he is very happy with Jethalal. Then Bapuji welcomes the girls and tells them to celebrate Navratri with them and then they will arrange something for them tomorrow to leave. They say that they are also excited to do the Garba with them. Popatlal tells Bhide to call Jethalal as they have to do the aarti. Jethalal says that they don’t need to call him as he is back. Then everyone gathers in the mandap and Jethalal performs the aarti with Bapuji. Jethalal prays for their good health and requests Mataji to send Daya as soon as possible.

Then in Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah Hathi and Komal do the aarti. Taarak and Anjali perform the aarti and Taarak prays that he should be blessed with good thoughts. Bhide prays that all his students should do well in their exams. Everyone prays and performs aarti. Then Panditji gives prasad to Goli and Sonu and they distribute it to everyone. Then the nine girls start to do the Garba with full divinity. All society members watch them. Then all the ladies join them and they dance together. Later all the gents also join them and they all play Garba together. After some time Bapuji starts looking for the nine girls but he couldn’t find them. He went to look at the entrance but didn’t find anyone. He tells them to stop the music. Jethalal asks Bapuji what happened. Chachaji tells them where the nine girls who were dancing with them are. They all search for them but they are nowhere. Tapu Sena goes to find them in the temple but they are not there as well.

Lastly in Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah, everyone wondered where the girls went. Madhavi says that they enjoyed themselves and if they would have stayed back then they would have arranged something for them to return. Bapuji tells them that they don’t need any help. Bapuji tells them that the nine girls were no other than Maa Durga. All of them get shocked. Bapuji tells everyone that Maa Durga blessed them and played Garba with them in the form of nine girls. Babita says that Chachaji is right as no one saw the girls leaving, they got invisible after some time. Taarak asks Jethalal if the car in which he came could adjust him, the driver and more than 3-4 girls, then how come all nine girls came with him? Jethalal also stands amazed. Bapuji says that he felt spirituality when they all were doing the Garba. Jethalal also says that his cab had a problem but as soon as the girls came the cab became proper. They all thank Maa Durga and play Garba together.

Picture Credit- Sony Liv