In today’s Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah episode Asti Modi comes into the Gokuldham society and along with him a man and a boy comes into the society. They stop at Abdul’s shop and the boy greets Abdul and then runs into the society. Abdul asks Asit ji who is that boy. Asit ji tells Abdul to come along with him in the society. Then the boy comes running in the society and tells them that this is Iyer and Babita’s house. That is the society office, then the club house on the first floor. He points to everyone’s house. Then Popatlal comes there. He sees Asit ji and becomes happy thinking that he must have brought a marriage proposal for him. Popatlal asks Asit ji if he has brought any marriage proposal. The boy calls Popatlal by his name and tells him that Asit uncle will look for a girl for him and even he is looking for a girl to marry him. Popatlal becomes glad to hear it.

Then in Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah, Navin tells his film director that Popatlal has won the golden crow awards two times. Popatlal gets surprised as to how this little boy knows so much about him. Bhide comes there and the boy runs towards Bhide and greets him. He tells him he likes him so much and also the way he takes the studies of his students. He tells Bhide that in his school sometimes he calls his Sir as Bhide Sir. Bhide asks Asit ji who they are. Then Asit Modiji tells Navin that it is time to call everyone. Navin tells Asit Ji that he will call everyone. He calls Iyer, Babita, Taarak and every society member. They all come out to see what happened. They see Asit ji and become happy. They all come down. Navin greets everyone and then he tells Jethalal that he likes the way he worships the sun every morning. Jethalal asks Asti ji who this boy is.

Lastly in Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah, Asit ji distributes everyone the specs and Asit ji tells them that he is a director and he has directed a film in which Navin is the hero and it is a Gujarati film which is also nominated for Oscar awards. Everyone becomes glad. Jethalal did not understand what Oscar award means but he tells Asit ji that Bapuji did not understand what Oscar awards means. Taarak explains to them what the Oscar award means. Sonu asks the director who are the other actors in the film. The director tells everyone that the actors are not known faces as they are from small villages. Everyone appreciates the director for taking such unknown faces in the film as it is a very difficult and also very proud moment to be nominated for oscars. They all promise Navin that they will watch his film and then they all play garba together with Navin and the director.

Picture Credit- Sony Liv