In today’s Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah episode Bhide tells Madhavi that their maintenance check of this month is ready. Madhavi is very nice. Bhide tells her that everyone will give their cheques on time but Jethalal is the only one who will not give cheque on time. Bhide tells Madhavi that if this time Jethalal did not give the cheque on time then he will give a penalty to him. Jethalal comes and tells Bhide that his wish will not be completed. Bhide asks Jethalal what he meant, did he bring the maintenance check? Jethalal says yes. Bhide says this is impossible. Jethalal says that he has brought the check and he shows the check to him. Bhide gets very happy and tells Jethalal that he feels like singing a song for him. Jethalal then tells Bhide to not sing but to tell him thanks. Bhide asks why he should thank him. Jethalal says that because he gave the cheque on time.

Then in Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah, Bhide tells him that there is nothing to be thankful about and he should be regular every month. Jethalal thinks that Bhide and Bapuji’s thinking is very similar. Then Jethalal tells them goodbye and is about to leave. Bhide tells him to give the check before leaving. They both laugh as Jethalal forgot to do the work for which he came here. Then Madhavi tells them to wait as this is a very special moment and it should be done by having something sweet. She goes inside to bring besan ladoos. She tells Jethalal to give the cheque to Bhide and Bhide will feed ladoo to Jethalal and then Jethalal will give laddoo to Bhide. Jethalal gives the cheque to Bhide and Bhide then sees the cheque. He gets mad at Jethalal as there is a mistake in the check. He gives the cheque to Jethalal to check it. Jethalal tells him that everything is correct. Bhide tells him to check the date. Bhide tells Jethalal that he has written the date in the wrong format.

Lastly in Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah, Jethalal gets sad and says that every time he thinks to do something good his fate does the opposite. Bhide tells him to bring a Check when he comes back from the shop. Madhavi tells Jethalal to eat ladoo. Jethalal says that he doesn’t want to eat it now. Madhavi tells him to have it. Bhide sees Goli coming and eats one laddoo fast. He tells Jethalal to eat fast. Jethalal tells him that he will eat by taking full. Goli comes and snatches the laddoo from Jethalal and eats it. Jethalal comes down and Iyer and Babita ask Bhide’s reaction. Jethalal tells them that Bhide was so happy and he got emotional too that he gave him the cheque on the first day itself. Bhide stands on his balcony and listens to everything. Bhide tells Jethalal to tell the whole story to them. Jethalal tells them bye and is about to leave but Bhide stops him and tells Iyer and Babita that he did not take the cheque from Jethalal as he mentioned the wrong date. Iyer laughs at Jethalal.

Picture Credit- Sony Liv