In today’s Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah episode Sonu tells Madhavi that he is missing Tapu and without him his Tapu Sena is incomplete. Madhavi tells Sonu that even she is missing Tapu’s jokes and naughty behaviour. Bhide comes there and scolds Sonu and tells her that she should focus on her studies rather than missing Sonu. Sonu tells Bhide that they are friends and they just miss each other. Bhide tells her to go and study as Tapu is also studying there. Madhavi tells Bhide why he gets mad at Sonu as they are just friends. Bhide tells Madhavi that Sonu has 4 boys who are her best friends and that is not good. Madhavi tells Bhide that he is over reacting. Bhide tells Madhavi that Tapu is Jethalal’s son and the Gada family does everything opposite. Madhavi tells Bhide what Jethalal is doing now.

Then in Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah, Bhide tells her if she forgot about today morning’s incident. He brought the cheque but he was careless as he did not re-check all the details. Madhavi tells Bhide that Jethalal is a human being and he makes mistakes. Bhide tells Madhavi that he will collect the cheque from Jethalal today only. Jethala comes in the shop and he calls out Natu Kaka. Natu Kaka excuses for a second as he receives a call. Then after the call ends, Natu Kaka tells Jethalal to speak. A customer comes and Natu Kaka tells Jethalal to wait again. Natu Kaka attends the customer but the customer finds Natu Kaka rude and she goes away. Jethalal tells Natu Kaka to learn from Bagha how to assist a customer and also how to write a check. Natu Kaka asks Jethala what happened. Jethala tells him that he mentioned the date wrong on the cheque and Bhide scolded him.

Lastly in Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah Natu Kaka tells Jethalal that this is not possible at all as he can never make a mistake while writing a cheque. Jethalal gives the cheque to Natu Kaka and tells him to check. Natu Kaka sees the check and sees that he mentioned the wrong date. Natu Kaka apologizes to Jethalal. Jethalal tells them that Bhide insulted him in front of Iyer and Babita. Natu Kaka says that he feels bad for Jethalal and he tells Bagha to call Bhide as he is one who should be held responsible for the mistake. Bagha is about to call Bhide but Jethalal stops him and he tells Natu Kaka to be careful next time. Natu Kaka tells Jethala that he will now prepare a cheque and check it thrice. First he will check, then Bagha and then he will Jethalal to check. Natu Kaka prepares a new maintenance check and gives it to Jethalal. He says that he will give it Bhide at the end of the month.

Picture Credit- Sony Liv