In today’s Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah episode Bapuji sits restless and Jethalal comes there and tells Bapuji to come for breakfast. Bapuji tells Jethalal that he will not do breakfast today as he feels uneasy today. Jethalal gets stressed and tells Bapuji that they will first go to Dr. Hathi and bring medicine, then he will do breakfast. Bapuji tells Jethalal to do breakfast first then they will go. Jethalal says they will visit the doctor first. Jethalal calls Dr. Hathi and asks if he is home as they are coming there. Dr. Hathi tells them to come as Komal is making Parathas and Samosa. Jethalal says that they are not coming to do breakfast, they are coming there as Bapuji is not feeling well. Komal makes Samosa and Paratha for Dr. Hathi and Goli. Komal tells them to eat fast as once the patients start to come they will not get a chance to do breakfast. Goli tells Dr. Hathi that he will help him today.

Then in Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah, they are about to do breakfast but a patient comes and he tells Dr. Hathi that his stomach is paining. Dr. Hathi asks him about his food and he tells that his wife is not home and he eats Khichdi everyday which he makes on his own, which remains uncooked sometimes. Dr. Hathi tells him to have breakfast with them and he will feel better. The patient does breakfast with the Hathi family and he thanks Dr. Hathi. Second patient comes and he hurdles while walking. Dr. Hathi asks him how he got hurt. He tells Dr. Hathi that their compound tiles have become slippery and he slipped on it. Dr. Hathi gives him medicine. Sharma’s family also slips into the compound. They tell Dr. Hathi that they all have fever and they came here to do treatment for that but they fell down in their society compound. Komal tells Hathi that all patient and falling down means the compound tiles have become very slippery.

Lastly in Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah, Dr. Hathi checks Sharma’s family and tells Goli to give them medicines. Sharma’s family tells Dr. Hathi to inform their society’s secretary about the compound slippery issue as they all got hurt. The Hathi family tells them to go home properly. Dr. Hathi tells Komal that he will go and tell Bhide about the slippery floor. Dr.Hathi comes out and he sees Popatlal. He wishes him good morning. Popatlal also greets back. He asks Dr. Hathi, where is he going. Dr. Hathi says that he is going to Bhide’s house. Popatlal tells Dr. Hathi that even he wants to come to Bhide’s house to give him a salute. Dr. Hathi asks why. Popatlal tells him that Bhide has written a beautiful Suvichar. Dr. Hathi tells Popatlal to read the Suvichar. Popatlal reads that when we fall in our life and fail, we feel bad but that fall teaches us to walk carefully next time. Then Dr. Hathi tells Popatlal to come. Popatlal comes towards the B-wing and he also slips in the compound.

Picture Credit- Sony Liv