In today’s Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah episode Popatlal falls down and screams in pain. Dr. Hathi sees Popatlal and goes to help him. Hathi goes near him and he also slips on the algae and he falls down. He was going to fall on Popatlal but Popatlal shifted aside. As Hathi falls down, the whole society shakes. Jethalal was drinking tea and his cup started to shake. Taarak was assembling his file and all his papers fall down and Anjali gets scared and comes out of the kitchen. Goli was doing breakfast, his plate slipped from his hand. Roshan was bringing lassi for Sodhi but the glass fell down. Bhide was writing something on the board and the board started shaking. Iyer and Babita get scared and they run down. Jethalal tells Bapuji that it’s a tsunami. Bapuji gets scared and throws the paper and they run to come down. Komal and Goli come out and see Hatgi and Popatlal fall down.

Then in Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah, Anjali and Taarak come out to see what happened and Taarak also slips and falls down. Bhide comes down and runs and he also falls down. Sodhi comes down and sees everyone fallen and runs to help them. He also slips and falls down. Bapuji and Jethalal come out and see everyone has fallen. Bapuji asks Jethalal why is everyone sitting like this. Jethalal says because of the tsunami. Jethala and Bapuji come down and Bapuji also falls down but Jethalal holds him. Iyer comes down and he also falls down. Babita comes down and picks him up. Jethalal comes there to tell Babita to be careful and Jethalal falls down and Iyer also falls down with him. Then they apologise to one another and Abdul also comes to check them and he also falls down. They all gather near Hathi bhai and help him to get up but he can’t ask him for a catch in his waist. Popatlal tells Bhide that he is careless and he pays no attention to society’s condition.

Lastly in Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah, Bhide tells Popatlal that he was going to fix this problem today only and he knows very well what to do when. Popatlal and Bhide start to argue. Bapuji tells them to keep quiet and help Hatgi to get up. Sodhi says he has an idea and he rolls Hathi bhai once. Hathi gets hurt and tells Sodhi that he doesn’t want to go home rolling. Sodhi says he has one more idea and he calls someone. Hathi says that he is thirsty and tells Komal to get water. Anjali says that she will bring juice. Hathi bhai thinks that it is karela juice and he says he doesn’t want it. Anjali says that it is fruit juice which will give him energy. He tells to bring both. Goli serves Dr. Hathi water and juice with a straw. Then Goli also brings a pillow to keep below Dr. Hathi’s neck. Sodhi’s garage man brings some jacks and Sodhi explains his plan to everyone.

Picture Credit- Sony Liv