In today’s Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah episode Sodhi puts the wooden ply on the floor and rolls Hathi bhai so he would come on the ply but he rolls with more pressure and Hathi bhai goes forward than the ply. Sodhi apologizes to Popatlal and rolls him back once again and Hathi bhai comes on the ply. Sodhi tham brings 4 racks and they one by one lifts the ply from each side and insert the racks. While inserting one rack, Bhide’s leg gets stuck under the ply. They lift Hathi bhai again and Bhide removes his leg. They with proper coordination take the rack up and bring Hathi bed on a bed level. They tell Dr. Hathi to try and put his legs down and get up. Hathi bhai tries to get up and Goli helps him and he gets up and sit on the ply. He gets up and asks Bhide and Jethalal if they are fine.

Then in Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah, Bhide says that in whatever situation a doctor never fails his duty to ask other if they are fine. Popatlal tells Bhide that they need to do something about the algae other wise because of him he will not get married. Bhide tells Popatlal if he is mad as he is saying anything. Popatlal says that he is not mad and he saying everything right. Jethalal also tells Bhide that he behaved careless this time and he needs to be more active. Popatlal says that if he can’t manage to handle the society than he should resign. Madhavi tells Bhide to resign as all society members always try to blame him. Bhide says that he will resign and asks Jethalal and Popatlal who will become Secretary. Bhide tells Popatlal to become secretary. Popatlal says that he will become secretary but he needs to fix this algae problem first.

Lastly in Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah, Sunita comes in the society with the vegetables. Babita goes and stops her otherwise she will slip in the society. Sunita says that she will come later. Dr. Hathi tells Bhide that Diwali is coming soon so they shiould colour the compound. Dr. Hathi says that for temporary basis they need to do something because colouring will not start today as they need to talk with the contractor first. Goli suggests an idea that they will put mud in the compound so that no one will slip and hang a board outside the society saying that proceed cautiously as there is algae. Everyone likes the idea. Abdul says he has a friend who supplies mud, he will call him and tell him to bring mud. Bhide tells Abdul to share the contact with him so that he can fix the rate. Jethalal tells Bhide to not waste time in discussing the rates because if someone breaks their hand or leg by falling on the algae, he will be in problem. Then they all leave for work and Dr. Hathi goes home.

Picture Credit- Sony Liv