In today’s Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah episode Babu Chipke and his brother comes to Bhide’s house. Madhavi welcomes them in and tells them that she and Bhide were talking about them. She thanks them and tells them that they helped them at the perfect time. Bhide appreciates Babu Chipke and his brother for completing they work before time. Bhide asks Babu Chipke why he looks sad. Babu Chipke says that painting work is completed but the bamboos which are tied will not be removed till tomorrow. Bhide and Madhavi gets shocked and ask them why the bamboos will not be removed today. Babu Chipke says that someone gave bribe to bamboo contractor and he went to them. Babu Chipke says that someone wants to defame his brothers work so they did it by intention.

Then in Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah episode Bhide tells them that this is not possible and they have to remove the bamboo in any condition. Babu Chipke says that it is not possible as there are no workers. Madhavi tells Bhide to calm down. Bhide gets worried as he took the responsibility of the painting work to be completed on time. Then Bhide tells Babu Chipke and his brother to go and celebrate their Diwali as they don’t want to destroy their Diwali. Bhide tells Madhavi that they will run away now and come later after some days otherwise society members will not leave them. Madhavi tells Bhide to calm down as it is not his mistake. Bhide tells her that society members will not understand it and will only blame him. He says that he will go and sleep now and he wishes that he should wake up after a month or next Diwali, till then bamboo will be removed. Madhavi tells to be calm, pray to God and then sleep.

Lastly in Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah, Bhide pray to God to give him strength. Madhavi prays to God to give strength to Bhide to tell the truth to everyone. Bhide says no he wants strength so that he will resign his secretary designation. Madhavi tells Bhide to sleep. Next morning, Bhide is sleeping and Sodhi, Popatlal, Sodhi and everyone call out Bhide. Madhavi comes and wakes up Bhide. He tells her that he saw a dream that everyone is calling him out. Jethalal screams Bhide’s name again. Bhide tells Madhavi that he can hear now as well. Madhavi tells him that it is not a dream and everyone is calling him down. He tells Madhavi to tell them that he is still sleeping. Madhavi tells him that everyone knows that he wakes up early. Madhavi tells Bhide to get dressed. He tells her that he will go down and apologize to everyone and give resignation. Madhavi tells Bhide that he will not do anything like this.

Picture Credit- Sony Liv