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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 07 August 2019 Written Update of today’s episode we see how Arijit informs Ishita about Neeti and tries to kill Raman.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 07 August 2019 Written Update Full Episode: Raman in critical condition

Today’s Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 07 August episode begins with Arijit tricking the post office manager to retrieve the information from him. He learned that Bhallas already knew about his move to use Mani’s locker. He wanted to stop Mani and Bala from finding about him. Mani was stressed knowing someone was using his locker, and hurting Raman and Ishita (Divyaka Tripathi). He wanted to know about Arijit’s fraud company. He didn’t know who Neeti was. Arijit concealed all the information about Neeti and himself. He threatened the office staff to keep his information a secret. He knew that Bhallas would try their best to know about him. Mani, Yug and Aaliya tried to find about the company. Mani had put a tender for that company. Mani forgot it because of the chaos.

Yug told Mani that he couldn’t find anything. Arijit didn’t want Bhallas to find Raman at any cost. He wanted his revenge on Raman. He thought to mislead Ishita as well so that she didn’t get after Neeti. He messaged Ishita and threatened her about Raman. Ishita got an ill feeling. She didn’t know who was Neeti and how was she related to them. Ishita received the message and got terrified. She hid the matter from the family. She rushed to meet the kidnapper. She couldn’t believe that her enemy had finally contacted her. She wanted to know who was he and why was he playing such games. Arijit asked her to reach as soon as possible if she wanted to see Raman alive. She didn’t want to take any risk. She wished to meet Raman.

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Mani and Simmi apologized to each other for their rude argument. They found Ishita leaving and didn’t know where she was going. Ishita came up with a fake story that she was going to meet Sunita. They didn’t want her to go alone. She asked them not to worry for her. Karan felt she was going in another trap. She convinced them to let her go. Ishita reached Arijit and asked him about Raman. She got to see Raman after such a long time. She found Raman drugged as well. She asked Arijit to leave Raman. Arijit told her that he could get Raman killed in a second. Ishita asked him the cause of his enmity, his motives behind the attack. Arijit told her that he would kill Raman. She asked him to let Raman go. Arijit attempted to kill Raman. He dropped Raman down the building. Ishita couldn’t believe this. Arijit ran away from the site.

Ishita ran to Raman to save him, and felt she had got too late. She found Raman in an injured state. She shouted for help. She regretted to not getting her family members along. She took Raman with him for the aid. Arijit cleaned his house quickly so that none doubted on him. Bhuvan questioned him about sparing Raman. Arijit told Bhuvan that the room should be so clean that none would know about Raman’s captivity. Bhuvan told him that Raman was so influential that he would nab them soon. Arijit was happy that he had killed Raman. He wanted to go to Bhalla house and find Bhallas crying for Raman’s death. He felt his revenge was fulfilled. Ishita connected to her family and told them that she had found Raman and admitted him to the hospital. Raman survived in the critical state. There would be a new entry of Neeti, Raman’s enemy. The written update of 07 August 2019 Yeh Hai Mohabbatein episode full story ends here.

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