In today’s episode of Yeh Hai Mohabbatein, we see Arijit tells the doctor not to help Yug just as Yug was about to find out about Natasha and Sunil.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 12 September 2019 Written Update Full Episode: Arijit tips the Doctor

Today’s episode of 12 September 2019 Yeh Hai Mohabbatein starts as we see Simmi and Mihika go to meet Mrs. Goel with a kheer. She asks them why they didn’t tell her about Raman and Ishita’s problems. To which they tell her that the stress involved was too much.

Simmi and Mihika discuss the whole problem caused by Natasha and Sunil with Mrs. Goel. They request her to show them the papers submitted by Natasha while taking the flat. Mrs. Goel shows them the papers. Mihika and Simmi click photos of the papers and thank Mrs. Goel for thanking her.
Arijit thinks of unsettling Raman as he seemed normal. He leaves the office for some reason. Here we see Mihika call Ishita and tell her about the papers they say at Mrs. Goel’s place. They try to call the residence number but no one was answering the call. They ask Yug to go to the hospital and find the information and address. The hospital denies to help him. As Yug was about to leave he meets a friend who tells him about working in the lab. They both go to the canteen. Yug asks him for help to get information about Natasha Sinha and Alok agrees to help him.

Arijit calls Natasha and asks her to create a big scene to unsettle the Bhallas. Here Yug finds out that there is no patient under the name Natasha Sinha in the hospital, he thanks Alok for helping and leaves. After coming out he calls Ishita and tells her that the papers Natasha submitted were fake. Raman and Ishita decide to start the drama of Raman becoming Shardul. Raman is worried about Natasha recognizing him but Ishita consoles her.

Yug sees Natasha and Sunil leave the hospital he plans on meeting the doctor and find information about her. Meanwhile, Arijit sees Yug while he was with Neeti. Yug meets the doctor but as he was about the find information about Natasha Arijit creates a scene outside and when the doctor comes he tells him not to tell Yug anything as he is responsible for Neeti’s fight.

Arijit gets worried about everyone helping Raman. He starts thinking of a plan. Meanwhile, Yug tells everything that happened when he was about to find out about Natasha and Yug. Ishita and Raman get off a hint of someone tipping the doctor and they all start thinking of the person responsible for it. The written update of 12 September 2019 Yeh Hai Mohabbatein ends here.

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