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In today’s episode of Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai we see how Naira is conflicted with everything that Puru has done and that he needs to be exposed. Naira is also confident of how Kartik will react once he realizes all this.

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 16th April 2019 Full Episode Written Update: Naira dead set on exposing Puru

The Episode starts with Puru asking Naira and Ila to stop it. He makes a sad face and then goes smiling. Ila goes after him. Naira thinks that she has to tell Kartik. Mansi holds Naira’s hand. She says Puru did something right. Naira asks what happened. Mansi says that she is not a kid now, she is married and knows him. She sees Puru staring and gets tensed. FB shows Puru teasing Mansi. He asks her to be quiet; none will believe her any ways. FB ends. Naira asks Mansi what happened and she could tell him without being scared. Mansi cries and goes. Naira sees Puru there. He smiles.

Lav and Kush say Dadi has sent Mansi and Anmol out. Naira says Mansi left without talking to her, how long would she wait anyway. She calls Mansi. They say they have her phone with us. Naira wonders how she would find out now. She hears Kartik and is relieved. She goes out to find Kartik is on call and scolding the person a lot.

He screams that he won’t listen to anything against Puru, he is an honest man. He tells Naira, he is very angry, the people can target anyone with cheap mindset. He hugs her and says they can’t say anything, they should have proof. He gets a call and goes. She thanks Kartik and says she will arrange proof against Puru, his truth should come out. Puru asks why is Naira wasting her time and that it is better she end the matter here. She says don’t worry about Kartik and that she knows him and how he would react better than others. He may love Puru, but he respects girls, he knows how to fight for their honor and that Puru would be history so he should start counting his days, after which she leaves.

Naira grinds mehendi and thinks of Puru’s words. She gets hurt. Ila gets the ice cubes and cares for her. She says Naira would end up hurting herself in this and will be at loss. Naira says she never left supporting the truth by her fear to get hur and better late than never. Ila asks her to think it through again because her dad is very much respected and that she was out of her senses to blame him. Naira says she feels bad for Ila because she was about to be embarrassed for her dad. Ila says she got away because she was Kartik’s wife. Naira retorts that her dad got away with this as he is Kartik’s uncle. Ila says whatever is happening isn’t right and leaves.  

Naira gets ready. Kartik hugs her. She gets scared. He says she easily get scared, this is their bedroom, who can hug her like this. He catches her and says she can’t have her own ways always. She runs and asks him to get the perfume first. He gets it from her. He says yes, but he can’t miss this golden opportunity. She kisses him and goes.

She says she should search about Puru on the net, because she might get some information but only good things are written about him. She recalls Manish’s words. She calls his NGO and says this is Priya from India and wants to talk about Ajmera. Lav and Kush come to call her. The lady asks her to call back on Monday. Naira goes thinking to wait till Monday. Dadi worries for the arrangements. Surekha says everything is done. Naira asks where Mansi was and Dadi replies ashram.

She asks Surekha to call Kirti and ask where she was. Naksh says they have come. Dadi welcomes everyone. Kartik enters and says he spoke to Anmol, they are on their way. Kartik jokes and welcomes everyone in Samarth and Gayu’s mehendi, it comes with a twist, and that Naira will detail it. Naira says sorry. Puru says better be careful, Naira’s focus is somewhere else. Naira taunts him and asks if they could guess the theme. Kartik says Naira’s answer lies in her question, theme is riddles, they will make two teams and both teams will compete to win. Naira says they might get to know a secret while solving riddles. She sees Puru.

In the precap of Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai, we see that Naira says she won’t remain quiet and will make sure that the truth is out about what he has done to Mansi.

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