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In Yeh Rishtey hai Pyaar ke 19 April 2019 written update of today's episode we see Meenakshi tricking Abir & everyone asking Mishty to drop her courtship decision.

Yeh Rishtey Hai Pyaar Ke Written Update 19th April 2019 Full Episode: Meenakshi tricks Abir and Kunal

Today’s Yeh Rishtey hai pyaar ke episode begins with Maheshwari family bidding adieu to Rajvansh family. Naanu expresses to Abir (Shaheer Sheikh) about his doubts with regards to the wedding and tells him that he has a feeling this wedding won’t happen.

But Abir assures him that he will try his best to make this wedding the best. Meanwhile, Rajshri and Vishambhar argue over the decision that Mishty (Rhea Sharma) has taken.

Rajshri experiences a hallucination about Naman while returning home. In her imagination, her car hits Naman which gets her panicky. The panic attack leads to Rajshri fainting.

Next, we see Meenakshi taunting her family about keeping her in the dark about the marital courtship decision. However, Kunal retorts by saying that the request has not been accepted as of yet. But Meenakshi insists that this is a big deal for her.
She then goes on to taunt Abir for not sincerely apologizing.

Naanu then comes in to defend Abir and believes that Abir’s apology was completely genuine.

Abir believes that the decision of whether or not Mishty and Kunal are good for each other should be taken by them and something they should decide for themselves. Later, Kunal comes in to console an angry Abir.

Abir then advises Kunal that he should talk to Mishty. But Meenakshi eavesdrops during their conversation and decides to stop Kunal from following Abir’s advice.

On the other hand, Mishty is seen taking care of Rajshri. During which we Rajshri trying to convince Mishty to drop her decision of marital courtship but Vishambhar just comes in time and puts an end to it.

While Meenakshi, after overhearimg their conversation tricks Kunal and Kabir to prevent them from talking to Mishty. She asks Abir to go fix Ketki’s saree issues and sends him away.

Meanwhile, Kuhu too requests Mishty to not go ahead with her courtship decision.

The written update of 19 April 2019 Yeh Rishtey Hai Pyaar Ke episode ends here. Stay tuned!

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