In Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke written update 12th March 2020 episode Abir tells Parul to take a stand for herself. Kuhu tells Abir the truth about pills. Meenakshi let’s go on Kunal’s insistence to find the culprit of Abir’s spiked coffee.

Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke Written Episode Update 12th March 2020: Meenakshi to find the culprit

The episode begins with Mishti thinking of Abir’s words while Abir thinks of Mishti and Kuhu. He hears Sukhiram arguing with Parul and Jugnu. He asks Sukhiram to go home for a few days. He tells Parul that she did a mistake to take all the blames. Kunal tells Meenakshi he doesn’t want any fights in the family. Meenakshi says you want me to leave that culprit. He says yes, Abir wants this, and I will always listen to you, you are my mum, I’m your son, please agree. She agrees. Kunal sees Mishti while she hears their conversation. Abir says don’t you feel bad when you are blamed. Parul says you call me Maasi, Meenakshi and I are like sisters, she always kept me along, it’s her house, if I try hard to stay together, its a small price. Abir says it doesn’t mean that she isn’t able to accept you. She says she is loved by everybody here so I don’t feel anything bad. Mishti and Kuhu have a problem since childhood. She says Mishti thinks she deserves the love, she isn’t alone now, you are with her, you can explain Kuhu, right.

Mishti apologizes for eavesdropping. He says its okay, mum wants to know the culprit, mum and Abir may be right but one should back down, he is fine now, Kuhu would be affected too, do you think I should talk to her. She says don’t know, Kuhu and I are different. Abir sees Mishti. Kuhu says I need to talk to you. Jasmeet tries to instigate Varsha by telling that Mishti didn’t support Kuhu. She warns Jasmeet not to call Kuhu to fill her ears. Rajshri thinks on. Kuhu tells Abir that maybe Mishti told him everything by spicing it up, but she will tell the truth. Abir tells her t do something. Meanwhile Rajshir thanks Varsha for supporting Mishti. Rajshri says if Mishti stays silent, there will be some reason, we don’t know what happens there, Meenakshi didn’t like Mishti, maybe Mishti is scared to go against her.

Abir tells Parul Kuhu has called her. Kuhu apologizes to Parul. She says that mothers do everything for their kids and will support me when I need. Abir says no more secrets. She says she will tell Kunal when the time is right and not now as they fight a lot. She hugs him and says ask Mishti not to tell this to anyone. He sees Mishti and says okay. Mishti cries and goes. Varsha calls Meenakshi and apologizes but Meenakshi says she has promised Kunal to let go and want to focus on the inauguration of the company handed over to Mishti. Rajshri says that Meenakshi should do the inauguration.

Mishti recalls Abir’s words and cries. She washes some plates and Abir looks on. Meenakshi calls them and apologizes to everyone and says I won’t talk about this matter and move on, I will hand over the company to Mishti tomorrow, its special day and I want to celebrate it well. Kuhu asks shall I plan the event. Meenakshi says no, we all will plan it together. Everyone claps. Nanu says you proved that oldies also get fun ideas. Kunal says I agree with you, I mean this idea is good. Abir asks Mishti what does she think. Nanu asks Kunal and Kuhu to keep their hands. Abir asks Mishti to come. Mishti holds their hands and says I’m with all of you, we will plan the event together, when it’s about family, we all are together. Kunal says when Abir is in, how can Mishti be out, you are Mishbir, not Kuhu and Kunal to cover the fights.

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