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Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 08 August 2019 Written Update of today’s episode see how Sameer and Naina were on their way to hospital but Naina gets stuck in the elevator during labour pain.

Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 08 August 2019 Written Update Full Episode: Naina stuck In the elevator

Today’s Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 08 August episode begins with Sameer (Randeep Rai) waking up Rakesh. Naina (Ashi Singh) was in pain. Rakesh said he should be in pain if she was in pain. He was going to be a father too. Stop using ‘I’ word and say ‘us’. Hid family was growing. They ran to Naina but now she told them that she was fine. It was due to gas. It went away with burp. Sameer said it was good. She taunted him. The baby wasn’t coming out. She was tired. These 2 weeks just won’t pass. He told her it shall pass and not to get upset or the baby will also have such mood swings. He asked him if she was jittery and she said become a woman and he will know. He said that wasn’t possible but he will take very good care of her. She told him to rub her feet like doctor had said if he wanted her to be normal. He happily did that. She asked him if he she was looking fat.

He asked her why she was asking this. She said she heard that women become fat when they were pregnant. Their husbands lose interest in them. He said sh was looking fat but his love had increased for her. He would have told her how much it was if she had thermometer. She smiled shyly. He cutely winked at her. Later, Naina and Sameer drew a painting with a rainbow, a family and a house. They romanced cutely. Sameer told Naina that two small hands will be in their hands very soon. Naina said they will become mummy papa very soon. He nodded. He had decided he wont go away from the baby even for a second. She told him she won’t let that happen even if he tried. He said they will love the baby very much. He had heard that love spoiled kids. She nodded. They will be like Chacha ji and Chachi ji. He said he will. She asked about studies. She wanted the kid to study a lot. Sameer wanted to leave the decision on the baby. She happily agreed. They will let the baby choose its own course.

Sameer said life was so beautiful. They met in school for the first time and today they were going to become parents. Next morning, Shubham was calculating the house budget. He complained of the expensive dry fruits that were coming over. Preeti and Nirmala reasoned that it was the baby who wanted it. Preeti asked her MIL to add more dry fruits in the halwa next time. Nirmala ji gladly agreed. It was time for her kesar milk. She told Shubham to focus on Preeti and the baby. He wouldn’t have been this healthy if his papa had thought so much. Put oil on Preeti’s head. She told him that he needed it more. Shubham told the baby to remember the amount of money he was spending on him. It showed how much his Papa loved him. Preeti smiled. Both Sameer and Shubham gladly fulfilled all the cravings of their wives. Naina started feeling cramps again. Sameer said everything will be fine after the burp.

She just had food. She insisted that this pain was too much. She was going. Vanita asked her where she was off to. Naina complained of pain. Vanita told Sameer and Rakesh to stop watching TV. Naina was in labour. Sameer agreed to pack her stuff. Rakesh went downstairs to get the car. Vanita told Naina to take deep breaths. Vanita also informed Gauri. Sameer asked Naina if she was fine. Naina said she will take lift. Sameer told the ladies to bring Naina and heads downstairs to keep the bags. There was a short circuit and the light went off. Sameer kept the bags in the car. He told Rakesh that Naina was coming in the lift. Rakesh reasoned that they should have come by now. They went to check on the ladies. Naina was screaming due to pain. Rakesh and Sameer realised that the lift wasn’t working. They ran upstairs. Vanita and Gauri called out for help. Sameer and Rakesh found them stuck in the lift. Gopal also came out hearing the commotion. He looked at Naina’s condition. Sameer requested him to do something. Gopal called out to someone. Electrician wasn’t picking phone. Naina shouted in pain.

Rakesh ran downstairs to seek help. Sameer and Gopal kept telling Naina to stay strong. Vanita told Sameer not to worry. Naina and the baby would be fine. Rakesh went to the shop but the electrician was away. He won’t return before half and hour. Shubham, Preeti and Nirmala ji also came to the lift area. Rakesh called Gopal and spoke to Sameer. Sameer said they cannot wait for half an hour. They had to get Naina outside asap. Rakesh told him to take care of Naina. Hevwill find another electrician. Sameer blamed himself for Naina’s condition. Gopal and Vanita told him not to blame himself. Nirmala ji asked Preeti to come home. She might get worried seeing all this. Preeti refused to leave her sister’s side. Sameer prayed for Naina and their baby’s well being. The written update of 08 August 2019 Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai episode full story ends here.

In the upcoming episode of Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai, watch NAina is rescued from the lift but Gauri suggests to deliver the baby at home since it was too late to go to the hospital. Stay tuned!

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