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Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 12 June 2019 Written Update of today’s episode we see how Sameer plays a small prank on Rakesh and promises him that he will never break Naina’s heart.

Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 12 June 2019 Written Update: Rakesh’s misconceptions

Today’s Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 12 June episode begins with Sameer (Randeep Rai) thanking the girl for her support during the act. She also talked nicely to him. Rakesh interrupted their conversation and held his hand. Sameer told him not to think he will hold his hand all the time. He took leave from the girl. Aditya collided with Sameer on his way to the class. He tried to hide it that he was also a student there but a guy told Aditya they will meet tomorrow. Sameer looked on curiously.

Sameer confronted Aditya on his way out and questioned him. Aditya replied that he wanted to become an actor though but Baba won’t understand his dream. Sameer recalled Naina’s (Ashi Singh) words. Aditya requested him not to tell anything to Baba. Gopal asked Sameer if he became an actor. Sameer said there was still time. Gopal told him that this wasn’t the right line. He asked his son to focus on working hard. Sameer asked him to tell this to his son. He covered up saying that life only gives one chance to people. It never tries to hold your hand to offer you a second chance. Gopal said he did his bit. He left. Sameer assured Aditya that his secret was safe with him. Aditya shook hands with him.

Vanita’s words echoed in Naina’s head. She tried to distract herself but in vain. Rakesh walked in saying Sameer was a liar and shameless. Naina asked him what Sameer did. Rakesh said he made him flee from there. He was holding a girl in the acting class. Naina was again thinking of Vanita. Rakesh said greed walked up to him there. She would have felt the same if she were there. The girls were also very bold there. He hoped they didn’t take any wrong step. Naina asked him to freshen up.

Preeti asked her MIL to have food. Shubham asked Preeti to give him this food in lunch tomorrow. He requested his mother to eat but she asked him to drop her to Pune. Nirmala ji said it must be still stuck in her heart. Preeti politely declined. Nirmala ji did not buy it but Preeti reasoned that even her mother used to say no to her over many things but her love was constant for her. She was also like MIL. She will always love and respect her. The house became quiet when she became silent. Shubham and his sister smiled and tried to convince their mother. Preeti told her MIL that she made her favourite food. Nirmala ji ended up smiling.

Naina and Sameer were eating food quietly. Nayak Nahi Khalnayak Hoon Main played in the background. Rakesh murmured that they cannot trust anyone these days. Rakesh and Sameer handed over the utensils to each other silently. Rakesh was still irked with what happened today.

Shubham came to kitchen to talk to Preeti. She told him she wasn’t hurt but he knew she was lying. Preeti explained that she was happy as everyone else was happy. He was sad to see her dream breaking. She replied that they have to step back for others sometime. Shubham gave her a gift – chocolate. Preeti was glad to know that he bought chocolate especially for her. She hugged him. He shared that Mr. Patel gave it as it was his son’s birthday. Preeti offered to share but he told her he got two. She hugged him sweetly.

Sameer threw something angrily. Naina and Sameer argued with each other. He was unhappy with the way Rakesh reacted. She opened a chocolate. She fed him a piece as he tried to say something again. He said she doubted him. She asked him who said so and said she came to Mumbai with him. This line is like this. One has to keep a check on their heart. He hugged her. It had relieved him immensely. She said it was because he has a small heart. He got so jealous the day he saw Kartik hugging her. He told her not to remind him of that day. She has a big heart which was why he loves her. They chased each other sweetly around the room and shared a big, warm hug. They heard Rakesh coughing. Sameer went to tackle him. Naina tried to stop him but in vain.

Rakesh was coughing in his sleep. Sameer switched on the lights and called Munna. He spoke to him loudly on the phone and shared today’s day and said next class there will be a kissing scene. Rakesh almost spat. Naina thought he was talking too much now. Sameer spoke of suhaagraat scenes and more. Rakesh asked him to pack his bags and head home. He took the phone and started reprimanding Munna when Sameer shared that he didn’t call anyone. He brought Naina there. She told Rakesh that their relation will never break. They will always be together. Sameer reassured Rakesh that he won’t ever break the relation which his daughter had built with so much love. They were, are and will always be together! He went inside. Naina also nodded at his father.

The written update of 12 June 2019 Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai episode full story ends here.
In the upcoming episode of Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai watch how Naina tells her Papa to not leave and Papa says he will first slap Sameer and then go. Stay tuned!

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