In today's episode of Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai written update 15 May 2019 Sameer and Naina finally arrive in Bombay and enjoy sweet moments at the beach.

Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 15 May 2019 Written Episode Update Full Episode: Sameer and Naina arrive in Bombay

Today’s episode of Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai written update starts with Naina and Bela hugging each other. Naina and Sameer leave the house and recall their past memories. Sameer promises Naina he will get her a bigger house one day.

Rakesh tells everyone to hurry up. Munna promises Sameer that he will be there for him when he releases his first movie. Pundit tells him how there will be producers and directors clamoring to get him in their movies once he lands in Bombay. Bela asks Rakesh to not be too hard on them. He begins ranting and asks for the key. Everyone starts pointing at each other.

Hands clasped with each other, Sameer and Naina leave. This gets Bela and Anand teary eyed. They board the train for Bombay. Both of them get nostalgic but are looking forward to starting new beginnings and go to sleep.

Next morning they reach Bombay. They get off the train and check for their luggage. They hire a Coolie to take their bags and chat with him. The coolie tells him how everyday comes here to try their luck and only 1 in 5 succeeds. Meanwhile, Rakesh is still in the tempo and asks the driver to go faster.

Sameer and Naina go to the Juhu Beach later. There they share sweet moments with each other. Naina wants to leave and is worried about Papa but Sameer assures her that Papa has a key too.

Meanwhile Rakesh is still stuck. He and the driver talk about Bombay and Ahmadabad.
Naina and Sameer get their photos clicked on the beach. When the photographer asks for their address, Naina ends up rattling her Ahmadabad address and goes quiet after realizing they are now in Bombay.
Rakesh is irritated with the Bombay traffic and encounters a traffic police.

Naina and Sameer watch a clip on a camera. They start imagining Sameer dancing with strangers on the beach. They all are having fun together on the beach. They suddenly return back to the present. The camera is gone and the driver tells them to hurry up. They hold each other’s hand and follow him.
Naina and Sameer head towards their new society.

Today’s episode of Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai written update full episode ends here.

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