Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 16 July 2019 Written Update of today’s episode see how Naina and Tanvi try to convince Pundit to say yes but learn the truth.

Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 16 July 2019 Written Update Full Episode: Pundit rejects Tanvi

Today’s Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 16 July episode begins with The writers making sure that Aruna ji liked the idea. Aruna ji called Shambhu and asks her to bring something. They got tensed. She pointed at the food. They tasted the juice hesitantly and nodded in relief. Shambhu gave them an envelope but they were empty. She asked them to keep 5k in each of them and give her money for listening to their idea like she paid them to hear out theirs. They took her leave. Naina (Ashi Singh) called Aruna ji to confirm her appointment. Aruna ji again pretended to hand the phone to Aruna ji. Aruna ji changed her voice and talked to Naina. Sameer (Randeep Rai) told her to confirm first if it is indeed Aruna ji. Naina confirmed the meeting with her. Aruna ji replied that she was ready to meet. She could call her next time if she wasn’t sure. Naina denied. Aruna ji said she cannot put the camera in a phone.

Naina affirmed. Aruna ji ended the call. She told Shambhu to keep the empty envelope for tomorrow. They may need it. Sameer told Naina to tell her spicy story to Aruna ji tomorrow. Naina said it wasn’t a story but truth. Shubham asked Preeti to bring Tanvi but she told them to let them talk. It was about marriage after all. They don’t get a second chance. Tanvi entered. Rakesh and Shubham asked her about Pundit. She replied that he wouldn’t come. Everyone’s face turned blank. Naina and Sameer went to check on Pundit. The pundit was still sitting on the bench. Naina and Sameer asked him if everything was fine. Tanvi also looked upset. Everyone was waiting upstairs. The pundit said it wasn’t a joke. He wouldn’t accept this alliance. They asked him the reason but he walked away. Nirmala ji asked Tanvi if she said something untoward to Pundit. Preeti asked Tanvi to tell her in private if there was something. Gauri felt something big had happened or Tanvi wouldn’t have been quite like this. Rakesh told them to let Naina and Sameer talk to Pundit. Sameer was scolding Pundit for refusing the alliance.

Naina calmed him down. She also asked Pundit what had happened. The pundit said he should go before someone else came there. Naina insisted upon knowing the reason but Pundit apologized to her. He cannot tell her anything. Nirmala ji scolded Preeti for bringing an alliance like Pundit for Tanvi. They considered Naina and Sameer like their kids but see what they had done. Rakesh told them to wait till Naina and Sameer came. Everything would be fine. Nirmala ji blamed him and his family for all the obstacles that had come their way since they had come to Mumbai. Shubham also scolded Preeti. Sameer stopped Pundit. He wouldn’t let him go without sharing the reason. Naina asked him if he was worried about Tanvi’s complexion. Sameer and Pundit denied. The pundit said there wasn’t any connection between them. Naina said they cannot force it in 2 minutes. She was a very nice girl. The pundit said he knew that but there would be a problem if they married. They tried to put sense in his mind. The pundit said she loved someone else so he said no. This marriage wouldn’t help anyone.

He thought he would hide it from her but failed. Sameer thought to tell everyone the truth but Naina and Pundit told him otherwise. Pundit asked them to promise him that they wouldn’t tell it to anyone, not even Preeti. They promised him. Naina said Pundit had also grown up today. Sameer second her and hugged his best friend. Naina assured him that they would find the best girl for him. He touched her feet sweetly and left. Pundit nodded reassuringly at Tanvi as she looked at him from the balcony. Sameer and Naina noticed it as well. Sameer went to see him off. Gauri told Nirmala ji she thought Pundit won’t come back. Rakesh decided to check with Naina and Sameer but Naina came there just then. He asked her about Pundit and Sameer. Naina shared that Pundit had left already. Preeti was shocked. Naina said they tried their best but he didn’t listen. Shubham asked her the reason why he said no. Naina denied. Whatever happened wasn’t right but there must be a reason. The truth would be out in front of everyone soon. Tanvi got tensed. Preeti noticed her worried. Naina stepped out of Preeti’s house with a heavy heart. Naina and Sameer typed the story on the typewriter.

Nirmala ji and Gauri were coming back from the temple. They spoke ill of Pundit, Naina, and Sameer. Gauri said relatives were like that only. At the time of need, people like her can help. Nirmala ji said she didn’t even trust Preeti. Gauri said God must have chosen a better alliance for Tanvi than Pundit. He could only manage to say was yes. Naina rang the doorbell. Shubham informed her that Preeti wasn’t home. Naina said she wanted to talk to Tanvi. He left the door open for her. She overheard Tanvi speaking to her lover. Everyone was scolding Naina, Sameer, and Pundit so much. Bhabhi was bearing the worst of it. Nirmala ji spoke of Tanvi’s complexion. Gauri said complexion wasn’t everything. Naina spoke to Preeti on phone. Preeti told her that everyone was upset since yesterday. Naina told her to give some time to everyone. Preeti was still puzzled as to why Pundit said no. Preeti asked her if Sameer knew something. Naina feigned ignorance and asked to talk to Tanvi. She might have something to tell her. Preeti asked her if she knows something. Naina denied. She spoke to Pundit in the park. She might know something. Preeti wished her luck for her meeting with Aruna ji. She was about to become a star writer. Naina made her repeat it. The written update of 16 July 2019 Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai episode full story ends here.

In the upcoming episode of Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai, watch Aruna approves of Naina’s story but Naina demands Sameer to be the hero of her serial only then would she allow her story to be used. Stay tuned!

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