Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 17 July 2019 Written Update of today’s episode see how Aruna ji likes Naina’s story and asks her to start writing episodes.

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Today’s Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 17 July episode begins with the writers visiting Aruna ji’s house again. They told Shambhu to keep cold drink, samosas and a filled envelope for them. Shambhu nodded and took them inside. Naina and Sameer (Randeep Rai) came just then. Naina (Ashi Singh) repeated the story but in a haphazard manner. Sameer told her not to worry or everything would mess up. Shambhu took them inside. Naina could not take her eyes off Aruna ji. Her songs played in the background. Sameer literally patted at her shoulder to shake her out of her reverie. Aruna ji asked her if she was fine. Naina nodded. She sat next to Aruna ji upon her request. Shubham came home. Preeti tried taking his bag but he walked up to Tanvi instead. He assured her he will find a guy for her this time. They won’t depend on someone else this time. Preeti asked him if she was someone else for him now. She really didn’t know why Pundit left.

He refused to believe that Naina and Sameer didn’t know anything. They were friends for so long. He could have said no on their face. He didn’t think of Tanvi even once. Preeti said she understood what he was feeling but she really thought no one knew anything. Tanvi suggested them to drop the matter but her mother said she wasn’t sharing anything with them. Preeti said she knew Pundit well. He cannot do this. There was indeed something. Shubham said he may be nice but people will only blame Tanvi. Preeti denied. He wouldn’t have come to Mumbai to meet Tanvi otherwise. Tanvi headed to her room followed by Shubham. Nirmala ji told Preeti to confront her sister and Sameer.

Aruna ji asked Naina which song was playing in her mind and guessed Chadhti Jawani. Naina shook her head. She could see the video as well. Aruna ji smiled.

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They were nice songs but they had to work very hard. Naina said her expressions were fab. Aruna ji replied that they had to be nice and asked for her story now. Naina said she didn’t do any movie but Sameer will be a part of a movie or serial certainly. Aruna ji asked for her story. Naina narrated her story to Aruna ji. She sought the opinions of the other writers. They didn’t find Naina’s story worthy enough to be put to use. Aruna ji called Shambhu asking him to bring tea, samosas and envelopes. Naina and Sameer thought she didn’t like the story. They got up to go but Aruna ji asked them to have a seat. Naina said they understood it from her reaction. They will come some other time. Aruna ji still made them sit. They all had tea together. The writers were impressed with the tea. Aruna ji said it was as nice as the story. She gave an envelope to Naina. Everyone’s eyes widen as they saw a cheque inside the envelope. Aruna ji liked the story. She told Naina to start working on it. She was confused about the heroine though. Naina said even they were trying to find that out. Other writers said that such half stories won’t help. Tanvi was speaking to her lover. They had to do something soon. They had to find a way out. She asked him to think about what they should do. Preeti entered. Tanvi ended the call in haste. Preeti said she was relieved to see her fine. Tanvi assured her she was fine.

Preeti said it was Pundit’s loss. They will watch TV and go shopping to uplift her mood. Aruna ji was positive that the story will work. This story was at least different and pretty close to reality. There were so many girls with wheatish or dark complexion in their country. They can definitely do something. She told Naina to start working on her story asap. Naina kept a condition before her. Aruna ji thought it was about money but Naina pointed out that it was about their dreams. She wanted Sameer to be the hero of the serial. Only then will she give you this story. Aruna ji looked at Naina and Sameer. She didn’t work on conditions. Even stars like Anil Kapoor didn’t keep any conditions. Sameer corrected Naina’s words. It was a request. Naina said she was sorry if she felt bad but she felt Sameer will suit the character most. She thought of him while writing it. They asked her if she thought no one else will be able to do it. Naina denied. She would be able to write better if he did it. Aruna ji advised her to keep the professional life and personal life separate. They will give a chance to Sameer during auditions. They were always on the lookout for new faces. Naina showed faith in Sameer. Aruna ji told her to start writing episodes. Naina got over-excited but Sameer stopped her.

They will come back when they write the first episode. They left. Aruna ji nodded. They reminded her of her old days. Naina peeked back at Aruna ji and asked for an autograph. Aruna ji gladly gave her one. Naina and Sameer thanked her and left. Naina wanted to call Preeti asap. Sameer stopped her. He said he will become a hero if he deserved to be one. She insisted that he had that talent. She can see it and the world will see it soon as well. He asked her if she will give up on her dream of becoming a writer. She nodded. He asked her how she can love him so much. She replied that it was just like he loved her. She will be his manager once he became a hero. She will decide everything for him. He nodded. He asked her the charge for his act. 5k. She denied. Film actors took 70k for their part. He said they will take a lakh for her writing. They talked positively about their dreams.

They will buy a new house, gift Papa a car and call Chacha Chachi here only. She hugged him. They parted the hug upon noticing so many people around but he told her that it didn’t matter. They hugged again. Naina and Sameer entered in the society gate. Dhondu advised Naina and Sameer to go to the garden. Everyone was gathered there. Something was going on there. They wonder what it could be. They wondered if everyone found out as to what happened between Tanvi and Pundit. They came to the garden and found it empty. Everyone suddenly came there and congratulated them. They asked her about Aruna ji. Naina gave Aruna ji’s autograph to Gauri ji. She remarked that they had been living in Bombay for years yet they couldn’t see a celebrity till date. She met Aruna ji so soon. The written update of 17 July 2019 Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai episode full story ends here.

In the upcoming episode of Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai, watch Sameer is distressed due to some reason. Stay tuned!

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