Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 18 June 2019 Written Update of today’s episode we see how Naina and Sameer use Pager to talk to one another but fail.

Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 18th June 2019 Written Update:Sameer lifts Naina in his arms

Today’s Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 18 June episode begins with Nirmala ji peeking inside Sameer’s (Randeep Rai) room. She shifted a few things to wake him up but he wasn’t bothered at all. He asked for bed tea thinking her to be a maid. She tried to tell him who she was. Preeti noticed Sameer throwing the cushion at Nirmala ji. He woke up startled hearing Nirmala ji’s voice. He thought he was in his house. Preeti hid her smile. Nirmala ji said what if it was a shoe. He apologized to her. He will get used to staying here. She said he should behave even in his own home. She asked Preeti why she brought tea there. Preeti murmured that Shubham was focused on economics outside (house expenditure budget).

She thought Sameer shouldn’t meddle with it so she brought it here. Nirmala ji excuses herself. Sameer thanked Preeti for bringing bed tea for him. She apologized to him knowing he might be hurt by her MIL’s words. He denied but she knew the truth. She offered to take care of him till the time he was there. He was surprised at the changes in her. They had a cute chat. He ended up complimenting her. She offered to bring breakfast but he wanted to eat with Naina (Ashi Singh) so he ran.

Vanita and Sejal were taking their kids to the bus stop to drop them off when Maan greeted them. He shared that he was going to gym. Sejal told him to go. She calmed down noticing Vanita glancing in her direction. Jatin joined them. Vanita asked him if he will go to gym. He held his stomach and asked what that is? Vanita’s daughter asked her mother to come as school bus might come. Jatin asked about Sahiba. Maan said they slept really late. Sejal looked at him in shock. Maan explained that they were watching a movie. He suggested Vanita to open a gym in the society itself. Jatin can make use of this opportunity too. Jatin liked the idea as the entire society will go together. Even Sejal agreed to join. Jatin left with Maan. Vanita said who opened a gym in society. They will ask to open swimming pool and something else later on.

Sameer came home. He hid to surprise Naina thinking that she was working in the kitchen but he ended up hugging Rakesh instead. Rakesh suggested him to grow up. It had been a year since they were married now. Sameer made a straight face and asked about Naina. Rakesh told him to check in balcony. She was still there and he didn’t get his morning tea. Naina had fallen asleep in the balcony only. Sameer watched her mesmerized. She looked so beautiful while sleeping. Na Kajre Ki Dhaar played. He noticed sunlight bothering her and placed a dupatta to block the light.

Rakesh asked them something but went out to check on them himself as he got no response. Dejected, he went to make tea for himself on his own. Sameer lifted Naina in his arms and put her on the bed. Tanvi was cutting the corners of the bread. Shubham told her that 4 such pieces will make up a slice of bread. She made a face. He shared the new budget. Preeti and Tanvi questioned him as to why he was making these changes. Shubham wanted to save money so he can buy a pager. He told Preeti to apply less butter. She asked him who he will send message to. He shared that one can send the message without a wire. It was very easy. They talked curiously about pager.

Shubham only wanted to buy pager as Jatin told him to. Nirmala ji said he deserved it. Sameer greeted Sejal and Sahiba. Sejal noticed the mark of lipstick on Sameer’s cheek. She asked him to come. He was walking towards her when a guy passed from there carrying a mirror. Sameer noticed the mark and cleaned it before Sahiba can see it. Sahiba suggested Sejal to spend less time with Vanita. They bid Sameer adieu. Sejal was in thoughts. Tanvi was speaking to the cable guy.

Naina was speaking to Preeti if she filled form for parlour course. Preeti said she had to take care of everyone. Naina said she will find time for it someday. She waved at Preeti from the balcony and thanked for giving breakfast to Preeti. Preeti said he said he will eat with her. Naina said he didn’t even eat there. She will leave a message for him stating that she won’t eat anything till he ate. He was also staying at their house. She wished there was something through which she could leave him a message. Preeti smiled recalling her conversation with Shubham regarding pager.

Naina and Sameer were dialing to each other on the same time and couldn’t get through. In his acting class, Sameer applauded for his another act as a samosa vendor. His trainer complimented him. It was as if it was coming straight from the heart. Sameer took his permission to eat something if he was okay. His trainer told him to focus on training. There was no excuse in acting. The written update of 18 June 2019 Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai episode full story ends here.

In the upcoming episode of Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai watch how Naina feeds Sameer some food with her own hand. Stay tuned!

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