Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 21 June 2019 Written Update of today’s episode we see how Naina and Sameer try to confirm their pregnancy by the doctor.

Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 21st June 2019 Written Update: Sameer Cooks

Today’s Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 21 June episode begins with Naina (Ashi Singh) meeting Sameer (Randeep Rai) downstairs but he walked away. He instead played with the kids. Naina tried to talk to him again but he did not pay heed to her. Preeti looked on from far. Naina walked away angrily as he ignored all her pleas. Ball fell near Preeti’s feet that walked up to Sameer. He asked her what she was doing. She asked him the same question. She advised him to talk to Naina. She needed him. Sameer went to his home.

He asked Rakesh about Naina but he did not reply. He ended up shouting. Rakesh told him not to shout. The workers left as it was 5 pm. Rakesh shouted after them but in vain. Naina stepped out of the washroom just then. He noticed that she had been crying. She hugged him. He asked her if someone said anything to her. She whispered something in his ear. His eyes widened in shock. Preeti and Tanvi were looking for the receipt. Tanvi found pager’s receipt instead. Nirmala ji took the receipt from Preeti. Naina apologized to Sameer. He ended up smiling and swirled her around.

He thought they should tell Chacha ji, Chachi ji, Munna and Pundit. They needed to buy a bigger house. He started talking about future as he made her sit down. Naina smiled a little hearing his plans. She was worried. He told her not to worry. From now onwards she had to be happy always. This was the most important time of their life. God had sent this gift to help them fulfill their dream. He suggested going to a doctor. He spoke to the baby. Now they had to think about junior too. She smiled. Preeti looked back at the receipt tensed. Tanvi said she hoped TV channels could come all day long. It would be so much fun. Doorbell rang. Nirmala ji asked Preeti if she didn’t hear it.

Preeti nodded and went to open the door. Sameer and Naina fed each other sugar to congratulate her. He told her that she won’t have to leave her CA exams in between. Both their dreams will come true. She corrected him. 3 dreams will come together. Rakesh asked them for help. Sameer noticed him shifting his mattress. It got warm there. Sameer suggested buying a table fan but Rakesh suggested them to save money sometimes. Sameer found logic in his words. Rakesh kept asking Naina to help him lift the dressing table whereas Sameer kept telling her to sit.

Rakesh asked her if she had mehendi in her hands. Sameer said no. It might be a prince or a princess. It wasn’t confirmed yet. Preeti opened the parcel. It contained photos of some guys. Tanvi asked them if they weren’t happy to see her there with them. Preeti thought of an idea. They had to start from today. She busied her MIL, Dadi Sa and Tanvi in scanning the photos and managed to pick the receipt. Cooker whistled. She excused herself and went to the kitchen. Preeti threw the receipt out of her balcony which fell on Gauri.

She opened the paper and was shocked. Dadi Sa called Preeti by ringing bell. Tanvi did not like any of the guys. Sameer told Rakesh everything. Rakesh got tensed for a second and then jumped happily. Sameer reminded him of his foot. All 3 of them jumped together. Rakesh was all smiles. Sameer requested him to wait for the doctor to confirm it and warned to not tell anyone anything till then. Rakesh refused. He was tired of all lies. They told him to share the news with everyone once doc confirmed the news.

Nirmala aunty shouldn’t know about it too. Rakesh held them on each side and jumped happily. Gauri told Nirmala ji to throw the garbage in the dustbin. Nirmala ji was confused. Gauri showed the receipt to her. Nirmala ji said it was the same one which Shubham was looking for in the morning. He kept it on the table though. Shubham came home just then. She showed him the receipt. He shared that his receipt was in his bag. He looked at it and realized that it was bought by Preeti. Shubham held out the receipt for Preeti when she entered. Nirmala ji asked her if she also bought a pager. Gauri asked them why Preeti bought a pager. She was very modern. She didn’t even inform anyone.

She was your DIL She thought they shouldn’t give so much freedom to DIL’s. Nirmala ji asked Preeti again if she bought a pager. Preeti nodded. Nirmala ji said Shubham had a pager already. Shubham complained of his economics. Nirmala ji said she could have asked her once if she wanted to buy it and who did she buy it for? She suspected it was for Naina. Preeti said they were living separately. She thought to bring them close this way. Shubham argued over economics again. From where did she get this much money. Nirmala ji said she must have taken it from home.

Dadi rang her bell but Shubham told her to stop. He was talking. He calmly asked Preeti from where she got money. She replied that she saved bits of money from here and there. Nirmala ji called her a liar but Preeti swore she wasn’t lying. Nirmala ji said she didn’t consider this house as her own. She asked her to let her know if they cannot manage their house.

They will all work too. Preeti shook her head. NIrmala ji said Naina must have asked her nicely so she would have given it to her. Sameer told her to stop. He kept the pager on the table. Naina and he didn’t need a machine to communicate. They can converse without it. Shubham explained that his mother didn’t mean otherwise but Sameer cut him off. He won’t understand the relation that these sisters share. Even he took some time and so will he but they should understand it. Preeti was in tears. The written update of 21 June 2019 Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai episode full story ends here.

In the upcoming episode of Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai, watch Sameer cooks for Naina and cries while cutting onions. They share a romantic moment together. Stay tuned!

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