Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 25 June 2019 Written Update of today’s episode we see how Naina got conscious about her pregnancy at the kitty party of the society.

Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 25 June 2019 Written Update Full Episode: Naina tensed about her pregnancy

Today’s Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 25 June episode begins with Rakesh, Naina (Ashi Singh) and Sameer (Randeep Rai) spotting Sejal coming to their house when they were talking. Rakesh told a false story. She asked what he was saying. Rakesh thought it was good that she didn’t hear. Sejal said she came to invite Naina to kitty party at Vanita’s house. Rakesh said Naina would not go in this condition. Naina said she was having headache. Sejal asked if she was saying this thinking last time party incident and said Vanita made masala Lucknowi. Rakesh said Naina would not eat masala food. Sameer asked Sejal not to feel bad. Sejal asked Naina to get ready and said they will go together. Rakesh got upset.

Naina closed the door and came back. Rakesh asksled Sameer and Naina why were they staring at him and said they shall take care in this condition. He asked them to leave everything on God. Sameer said he forgot to tell them one thing and showed laddoo. Rakesh ate it happily and made Sameer eat too. He said would be baby will say that Papa was a hero.

Dadi rang the bell and called Nirmala. Nirmala came out and asked about the skirt. Tanvi got scared. Preeti said laundry guy forgot her saree and gave this skirt. She asked if you will wear. Preeti saw Tanvi sad. She told that Laundry guy did this mistake often. Nirmala thought to show guy’s picture to Tanvi. Later Preeti told Tanvi that if she got caught then mummy ji will send her to Pune. She asked from where she got this skirt. Naina’s thought that Sameer and Aditya were keeping a secret, so was Preeti and Tanvi. She said their society was good at hiding secrets, but they were far ahead of them in lying. Naina checked her tummy and thought it will not be seen so soon. She thought about what to wear as she was having all heels sandals.

Nirmala told Preeti that she liked the guys seeing their picture and asked her to tell whom to talk. She said Tanvi was getting married, but they were about to get gift. Preeti saw the pics and liked one. Naina called her and asked her to bring flat slippers. Neighbor aunty came and told that she wanted to call Nirmala. Naina asked her to talk. Preeti came there and gave flat slipper to Naina. Neighbor aunty called Nirmala, but the call was busy. Naina tried the slipper and said it was a bit small. Preeti asked if her feet were swollen. Naina said no and told that she can’t wear heels. Neighbor heard and went. Preeti asked her to wear something else. They left closing the door. Neighbor thought if she was pregnant. Preeti, Naina and Sejal came to Vanita’s house. Vanita gave them sweets and said there was good news. Naina cough and Sejal asked about the good news. Vanita told that their friend Garima was pregnant. Sejal congratulated her and asked how she knew. Garima said she came to know suddenly. Naina asked if stomach became bigger.

Vanita said there was still time. She said they still remember about their pregnancy days, it was like our new birth. She said she had called her mummy to be with her and she used to ask Jatin to bring sweets at night. She said she had pain in her feet. Sejal said she used to get foot message for peaceful sleep. Naina got worried and thought why everyone was talking like this. She imagined Sameer keeping all heroes and heroines picture so that his baby became beautiful like them. Rakesh said so that he went to Producer’s office daily. He said baby will not be like him. Sameer asked her not to come in her Papa’s talks. He showed her Chinese menu and asked what she wanted to eat. Rakesh asked her to have desi food. They argued. Sameer showed magazine. Rakesh said Naina will not read such magazine. He asked her to read Gita and Ramayan and said baby will be religious. They argued again. Naina got up shouting and asked them to be quiet.

Vanita asked why they shall be quiet at her house. Naina said she was thinking about workers and told like that. Sameer and Aditya were in the makeup room. Sameer asked how he convinced them. His friend said there were many who agreed to do at fewer prices. Sameer said only he can do this. He said he had understood that people stay here in small rooms, but saw big dreams. Aditya liked his dialogue. Makeup artiste came and started doing Sameer’s make up. All the society ladies started having food. Vanita made her eat Paneer tikka. Naina got vomiting and ran to bathroom. She had vomitted. Kids came and told that aunty was going to be mummy. Sejal scolded the kids and asked them to go. Vanita got doubtful. Vanita shared her doubt with other neighbors and told that Naina didn’t have papaya and other fruits. Other neighbor told that they shall not doubt. Vanita said didn’t they see how Preeti tried to cover up. Other friend told that her husband didn’t stay with her, so they shall not doubt on her character. Vanita said they shall find out. He said he thought Amitabh bachchan and others must have seen the big dream sitting on such chairs. The written update of 25 June 2019 Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai episode full story ends here.

In the upcoming episode of Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai, watch Sameer got his photoshoot done. Vanita, Sejal and others had come to Naina’s house hwere they saw pictures of Naina’s husband. Stay tuned!

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