Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 29 July 2019 Written Update of today’s episode see how Aditya and Tanvi’s marriage was revealed and both the families break off their relationship with each other.

Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 29 July 2019 Written Update Full Episode: Nirmalaji disappointed in Tanvi

Today’s Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 29 July episode begins with Nirmala ji slapping Tanvi. She scolded her ans shamed her for tainting their family name. Shubham told her to calm down. They also just found out about it. They had to find a solution. Preeti also told her MIL to calm down. Nirmala ji shouted that Tanvi took her decisions on her own. Shubham said they had to decide what to do now. They spoke of marrying Tanvi to Aditya. Nirmala ji pointed out that they were already married. She showed them the marriage certificate. Shubham looked at his sister in shock. He shouted at her to answer him. He was very disappointed in them for keeping such a big thing from him. Even Preeti was disappointed with Tanvi. She could have spoken to her. She had always supported her. Nirmala ji said it was useless to say all this now. She did what she wanted to. Now she will fix it. She took Tanvi with her to Gadkari House. Preeti called Naina (Ashi Singh) and Sameer (Randeep Rai) as well.

Gadkari family tried to take Nirmala ji and her family inside but Nirmala ji was too miffed with Aditya. She was wrong to think he was like her son but he ended up marrying her daughter. Gadkari family looked at the certificate in shock. Gopal stopped Aditya from walking towards Nirmala ji. Nirmala ji told Gauri that this would be her plan to get money from her. She knew how greedy she was. Gopal told her to stop talking about Gauri like this. Her son wouldn’t trap Tanvi. Gauri blamed Tanvi for trapping Aditya. She asked Tanvi to answer. Shubham stopped her. He respected her but it did not mean that he will bear anything. Gopal threatened to file a case against them but Shubham wasn’t bothered. It was a plan made by all of them. Sameer told them not to exaggerate the matter. No one trapped anyone. They loved each other. Gopal said the certificate was signed by him. Everyone looked at them in shock.

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Preeti asked Sameer and Naina why they hid this from her as well. Gopal said Sameer was their relative. He will support them. He forced Aditya to marry Tanvi. Aditya denied. He only took Sameer for the marriage forcefully. Naina second him. Sameer did that for Aditya and Tanvi’s sake. Gopal asked her why he got Aditya married to Tanvi stealthily. Naina reasones that this was what they were avoiding. Sameer added that both the families knew each other since many years. The relation was good between both the families. Tanvi and Aditya loved each other. Gopal said he didn’t mind talking calmly but he cannot bear anyone shouting on him. Nirmala ji refused to accept the alliance due to different castes. They both argued over their castes. Naina shouted at them to focus on Tanvi and Aditya’s love instead. Nirmala ji yet again put the entire blame on Naina and Sameer.

They had nothing to do with him. Tanvi followed her mother but she told her to stay with her in-laws now. She also warned Preeti not to meet her family members. Sameer tried to make them understand but Shubham reprimanded him from teaching him anything. It would be better if he broke relations with their family now. He took Preeti with her. Tanvi looked at Aditya who stood there with his fists on his either side helplessly. Rakesh asked Naina and Sameer why they did all this. Anand and Bela could not even eat anything due to shock. Naina reasoned that they did what they thought was right. Rakesh saud they wanted to come over right away but he stopped them somehow. Focus on the profession right now. Sameer said they will tackle them. They had to first be with Tanvi and Aditya. Rakesh suggested them to let elders do what they think was right. Don’t take everything in their hands. Naina and Sameer insisted upon uniting both the families today itself.

They left. Sameer, Naina, Aditya and Tanvi were at a bakery shop. Sameer wanted to celebrate the fact that both the families now knew about their marriage. Naina said what if they both had to eloped from the city altogether. Sameer said what if they hadn’t gotten married in the first place. Aditya said they were increasing the tension. Tanvi said Gauri aunty earlier used to call her lovingly. Now she was looking at her as if she will kill her. Aditya said something similar about Nirmala ji. Naina told them to consider it as their exam. Tanvi asked them what they did to pacify their elders. They heard that their story was similar. Sameer told them not to take inspiration from their story. They had to do things differently. They wondered as to how to pacify both the families. Tanvi and Aditya told each other to study a language or a subject to impress their families. Sameer teased them saying that they did look like married couple right now. Naina thought of something and took Tanvi with her to Gadkari House.

Aditya told Sameer to think of something for him too. He nodded. Naina gave a recipe book to Tanvi to make a Maharashtrian dish for Gauri aunty. She might forgive her. Sameer wrote down something for Aditya in Marwari. Both Aditya and Tanvi got started on their tasks. A song played in the background. Sejal came back with shopping bags. Gauri asked her who was cooking in the kitchen. Sejal replied that Tanvi waa cooking. Gauri and Gopal panicked. Gopal asked his wife to cook something spicy for her. Tanvi came there with Maharashtrian food for them. Sejal said wow in response. Preeti opened the door and finds Aditya, Naina and Sameer outside. Aditya went inside and Naina and Sameer stopped by the door. They will go inside only when the shagun ceremony starts. The written update of 29 July 2019 Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai episode full story ends here.

In the upcoming episode of Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai, watch Gauri tries to convince Nirmalaji to accept their relationship and Aditya refuses to go back home without Tanvi. Stay tuned!

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