Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 31 July 2019 Written Update of today’s episode see how Nirmala ji puts forth a condition that Sameer and Naina should cut off relations with them.

Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 31 July 2019 Written Update Full Episode: Nirmala Ji’s unfair condition

Today’s Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 31 July episode begins with Nirmala ji lookimg at Gauri. Gopal patted at his wife’s shoulder gesturing her to come when Nirmala ji told Gauri that she cannot stay upset with her for too long. They shared a hug. Tanvi hugged Preeti, Sejal and Naina (Ashi Singh) one by one. Preeti ran to the balcony and informed Aditya. Everyone clapped and lifted Aditya in the air cheerily. Preeti wiped her tears. Nirmala ji shouted from upstairs. She invited everyone for Tanvi’s vidaai. Everyone shouted in unison. Aditya, Jatin and Vanita brought food for Naina and Sameer. Aditya’s eyes were searching for someone. Naina teased him. She would come. Aditya told her not to tease him. Shubham and Preeti also came there.

Aditya asked them if they had come alone. Shubham reasoned that 2 people cannot come alone. He asked about her. Preeti teased him by taking Nirmala ji and Dadi’s name. Aditya finally asked about Tanvi. Preeti replied that mummy ji told her not to come here. Aditya was taken aback. Sejal came with Tanvi. Aditya waved at her sweetly. Preeti asked him if he saw Tanvi finally. Everyone teased Aditya. Preeti told Naina that she brought Tanvi without informing Nirmala ji. She couldn’t have let her come here. Everyone sat down. Naina and Sameer exchanged a smile. Preeti asked if no one had come from the girl’s side. Vanita and Jatin switched sides. Sameer said boys’ side had an upper hand. Naina asked him if bride’s side had nothing to do at all. She didn’t see anything special in their groom. Sameer and Naina gave advises to Aditya and Tanvi on how to treat their spouses. Everyone smiled. Nirmala ji was talking to Gauri on phone.

The mahurat was tomorrow. She felt afraid though that she might miss something. Gauri told her not to think like that. They were friends first and relatives later. All the kids were at Naina and Sameer’s place. They had kept a part for Aditya and Tanvi. Nirmala ji was miffed hearing it. Gauri said Naina and Sameer handled everything or didn’t know till when Aditya and Tanvi would have hidden their relation. Sameer and Naina loved and respected everyone. Nirmala ji wasn’t pleased but did not say it out loud. Gauri said she had a demand. Nirmala ji shouldn’t cry during Tanvi’s vidaai. Nirmala ji said she won’t give that that chance ever. They ended the call on a happy note but Nirmala ji was unhappy thinking that Sameer and Naina will soon trap her son and DIL. Naina proposed that everyone should dance. Everyone danced on Akhiyan Milaun song. Naina looked at Sameer and imagined dancing on that song with him. Next morning, all the ladies were helping Tanvi get ready. Shubham and Jatin were also busy in preparations.

Nirmala ji told Preeti to make sure nothing waa missing. Preeti said she will check everything. Nirmala ji said that they couldn’t do the wedding like they wanted to. They should do the vidaai nicely atleast. Tanvi told her mother that she had given her the best gift of her life. She didn’t want anything else. She hugged her mother. Doorbell rang. Shubham welcomed Naina, Sameer, Rakesh and Gadkari family. Aditya thanked Naina and Sameer for supporting him through everything. Sameer told him that it was not required in friendship. Shubham took everyone’s inside. Nirmala ji wasn’t happy to see Naina and Sameer. She stopped Gauri before she could give gift to Tanvi. Gopal said she was their daughter now. Nirmala ji said Naina and Sameer shouldn’t be here as the relation waa between our families. She kept a condition for Tanvi’s vidaai. Sameer and Naina won’t have anything to do with them after today. Everyone looked at her in shock. Preeti asked her MIL what they had done.

Nirmala ji called them cheater and liars. Jatin and Shubham told her not to say all this. Nirmala ji said she would have married Tanvi and Aditya with pomp and show if it wasn’t for them. They had made a joke of their lives!. Aditya refused to hear anything against Sameer and Naina. Rakesh said they may have taken the wrong path but they didn’t have any bad intentions. Nirmala ji said they had eaten away our happiness since they had come here. They cannot be a part of their family. Aditya said they were the only ones who understood their love. Tanvi second him. They were together today because of Sameer and Naina. Aditya said he knew Tanvi will support him in this so he spoke on her behalf too. If Naina and Sameer won’t be here then this ritual won’t happen. He didn’t mind staying away from Tanvi till the time that happened.

Preeti told her MIL not to keep this condition. Everything was going smoothly. She could have discussed it once. Nirmala ji said she was doing this for her kids. She must stay away from them if she wanted to stay as her DIL. Aditya said he will leave now as he cannot hear anyone speaking against his friend anymore. Sameer asked Aditya not to do this. Naina nodded. It was the new beginning of their life. They were very happy for him. It did not matter if they were here or not. They should be here. They knew that they can pacify people easily. They will pacify everyone one day. Everyone felt bad for Naina and Sameer. Sameer, Naina and Rakesh left from there. The written update of 31 July 2019 Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai episode full story ends here.

In the upcoming episode of Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai, watch Sameer panics when Naina passes out during reciting a scene. Stay tuned!

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