Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 4 June 2019 Written Update of today’s episode we see how Sameer and Naina struggle for money and Shivani gears up to become a santa

Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 4 June 2019 Written Update: Christmas Celebration

Today’s Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 4 June episode begins with Sameer (Randeep Rai) whispering to Naina (Ashi Singh) that his temper does not seem right. Naina asks for 40k from Sameer’s FD from Rakesh leaving him taken aback. She says that they money needed for his acting lessons. He replies that he gave the cash to Anand for marriage. All of the stars have learnt acting from performing college best. The rate is 40k there.

He asks her to check with Nirmala ji additionally as she desired to understand about the fees beforehand.Vanita asks Jatin about his day agenda. She receives alert while he mentions “she”. She unearths out the info of the meeting. He thinks he’s so caught with a wife who continuously doubts him. She begins ringing in workplace considering the fact that it is 11 pm.

Vanita repeats if she is coming alone. He reasons that she is manager of her enterprise. Vanita tells him to test once more. She asks him what if his sister marries in some other caste. He says she is still young. Shivani tells her SIL not to fear. Vanita asks her if she met a person in college. Shivani denies. Jatin and Shivani try to make humour out of the situation however Vanita remains inside the equal kingdom of mind. Shivani and Jatin sing a song in her absence to make her laugh. Sameer and Naina’s request is installed front of Nirmala ji.

Nirmala ji tells Rakesh to present them money but he tells her to go beforehand. Naina seconds him. Nirmala ji says that she could use 40k for the whole year. Preeti can educate performing. She is too desirable in it and can purchase property off that money. Putting them in acting magnificence is like losing that money. Sameer requests her to say yes and promises to get paintings. Nirmala ji is reluctant. She asks Preeti to chip in who says everybody is aware of about their economics. Nirmala ji tells Rakesh that the amount is just too big and can’t arrange so much money.

Naina says that they don’t want cash but permission. Sameer also requests her to mention it to Papa, if he agrees then it’s all simple from there. Naina says that they recognise that the money is an excessive amount of but they promise to earn double one Sameer starts performing. Sameer is irritated for now not being capable of making decisions for himself. He throws stuff angrily and is shouting on pinnacle of his voice. Nirmala ji and Preeti appear on the balcony. Rakesh and Naina are having a tough time controlling Sameer.

He stomps out angrily however they calm him down. Naina pours water over his head in the end to calm him down. Shubham comes to his room to ask something from Preeti but notices her quiet/disillusioned. Shubham tries to lift up her spirits by singing a song and promising her to take her out for dinner.

Preeti thinks to utilize this opportunity as this event could be very uncommon. She goes to get geared up. She suggested that they should inform Mummy Ji but Shubham refuses. Shubham says they will watch movie at domestic.

Di is gaining knowledge of how to cook chinese. Relaxation can be done later. She gives in. Nirmala ji calls out to Preeti simply then. Preeti is going out. Nirmala ji asks Preeti what she wants from Shubham this time. Preeti dismisses it however Nirmala ji tells her to mention it.

Nirmala ji tells her that her son is not going to fall in her trap now.Sameer and Naina look on as a landline is getting fixed in their house.Rakesh argues with the man as he says the landline got constant too fast. Rakesh turns to Sameer but recollects how angry he got. He lightly tells him to name from PCO to look if the variety is working or not.

Naina too heads downstairs. Rakesh shrugs. Sameer calls on the landline. The line is clear. Shivani is close by. She is set to collide with Sameer however she tells him that she wouldn’t have let him fall. She continues teasing him and additionally speaks of Christmas celebration. He is surprised to listen about the celebration.

All the ladies are strolling downstairs. Vanita taunts Naina for fleeing from the birthday celebration the alternative day. Sejal says Vanita tortured her a little more. Vanita calls it being conscious however Preeti says it was greater of sarcasm than the whole lot else.

Nirmala ji is speaking to her pal about Preeti. She has modified given that her sister has come. Sejal’s MIL talks about Sejal. Her husband stays away most of the time. Nirmala ji says one has to work.

The women decide to make Sahiba’s husband Santa this time. Vanita says Jatin won’t grow to be a Santa this time. Shivani volunteers to be the Santa this time. All the ladies are delighted and excited about this.

The written update of 4 June 2019 Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai episode full story ends here.
In the upcoming episode of Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai watch how Sameer and Shivani get dressed up pretty whilst ‘Made in India’ is played in the background. Stay tuned!

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