Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 11 July 2019 Written Update of today’s episode see how Sameer stood up against Bakshi for Naina and challemges him.

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Today’s Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 11 July episode begins with Senior asking Bakshi to call the selected candidates but Naina (Ashi Singh) pointed out that he missed seeing a few of them. Sharon reasoned that Sir will only see the auditions which had been shortlisted by Bakshi Sir. Bakshi showed Sameer’s audition calling it a funny one. Naina said this one was taken for the role of a protagonist. Bakshi said his acting was too funny. He seemed like a side actor. His senior spoke otherwise. His looked and acting was quite good. Bakshi had no option but to shrug. The meeting was over. Everyone left. Bakshi asked Naina if she thought her husband was star material. He mocked her and warned her. Naina glared at him and accused him of not showing his audition intentionally.

Bakshi replied that Sameer’s (Randeep Rai) acting was such that everyone was laughing on him and the audition was like a comedy film to entertain. He walked away in a huff. The ladies were walking in the garden. They were discussing their family. Preeti also joined them. She shared that a family came to see Tanvi. They complained about her complexion. Vanita said such things wouldn’t matter in future. Naina came home with a heavy heart. She called out to her Papa and Sameer. Hearing no response she thought that Sameer wasn’t home but Aditya, Rakesh, and Sameer came there holding plates of food and cold drinks. They jumped with Naina. She asked them why they were celebrating. Aditya said he would share good news about their audition. Rakesh asked her to tell them. Naina lied that it would be checked and analyzed tonight. Rakesh said he could check many papers in a day. Aditya said they would eat and sat down next to him. Naina excused herself.

Sameer was certain Naina is hiding something from them. Sameer refused to eat without Naina. She told him that she was tired. He asked her many times but she did not share. He held her sweetly. He asked if he got the role. She tried to ignore his question but he made her spill the truth. He told her to write his script in the future. They fed pastry to each other. Naina told him that she was sure he would bag a role soon. He assured her that he would try his best always. He asked her to rest. She too promised to be by his side always. He told her to focus on her job. They shared the pastry together. The next morning, Naina came to Bakshi’s cabin. He asked for notes of the last meeting. She replied that she didn’t write any. He asked for the reason. She said he took the notepad as he cannot understand her Hindi.

He taunted her saying she needed an assistant. She apologized to him but he told her to focus on work instead of getting her husband here for the audition. She offered to write it for him. He told her to narrate it but she did not recall anything. He kept taunting her over Sameer. She told him not to bring Sameer between all this. He accused her of bringing her husband to the audition. He called her writing worst. She walked out of his room wiping her tears. She met Sameer in the corridor. He understood her pain well. He asked her a question. She tried to avert the topic but he wanted to confront Bakshi right away. She told him to focus on his dream or he might not get even one chance in the industry if anything went wrong. He reasoned that nothing was greater than her for him and took her with him. Bakshi was speaking to someone on phone. Sameer disconnected Bakshi’s call. Bakshi asked him to leave quietly or he would throw him out of office. Sameer told him not to speak about dignity. Bakshi asked Naina if she thought Sameer would get the role by coming here. He said that they needed him. Naina replied that they didn’t need his help. Sameer would get a role on the basis of his acting. Sameer said he thought Naina did not write well. They can hold a competition right away where both Naina and he would write a story on the spot. It would prove who was right.

Naina sat down to write. Sameer asked Bakshi if he was too scared to react. Bakshi asked them what they wanted to prove. Sameer said to show that nothing mattered. She asked Naina to write down everything that she thought about Bakshi on the resignation paper. Naina wrote that Bakshi took advantage of his juniors. He asked for story ideas, called it rubbish, showed the junior down and then sold the story to his seniors calling it his own. Bakshi glared at Sameer. Sameer gave him the letter. All the staff members had gathered outside Bakshi’s cabin Naina and Sameer turned to go when Bakshi threatened them saying he would not allow anybody to give them work. Naina said they trusted their talent more than his contacts. They would get work basis for our hard work and talent. The staff member looked at Naina and Sameer as they walked out of Bakshi’s cabin. Everyone clapped for them. Naina and Sameer held hands. Sammer and Naira spent some quality time with each other. The written update of 11 July 2019 Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai episode full story ends here.

In the upcoming episode of Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai, watch Naina playfully applies something on Sammer’s face and tries to click a picture. Sameer makes her sit and leans in closer. Stay tuned!

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