reviews the Season 2 of the popular ALTBalaji series.

Review of ALTBalaji’s Karrle Tu Bhi Mohabbat Season 2 – Endearing in its complexities

Ram Kapoor and Sakshi Tanwar fans are in for a treat, with Season 2 of ALTBalaji web-series, Karrle Tu Bhi Mohabbat.

The story takes off from where Season 1 ends– Karan Khanna and Tipsy have fallen in love. But this time around, there is 180-degree turn in Karan’s approach to life. He is no longer a proud self-centred guy, Tipsy has got to him. Sakshi’s on-screen character has not changed much though; she still has her quirk of talking to her plants.

Any love story can’t be without complications, right? Hence, the creative team has engineered a twist in the tale, which sees Karan’s former wife Radhika (Shweta Kawatra) and daughter Trisha (Sanyukta Timsina) come back into his life. He gives them shelter, but can’t admit the same to Tipsy, lest she misunderstands. Interestingly, he also jumps the gun when he sees Tipsy meeting another guy. To be fair, he admits this fear.

It was really fun to see Karan pulling Tipsy’s leg, knowing that she is also smitten. The scenes where she questions his intentions are quite hilarious.

Ram is one helluva talented actor, bringing out typical male insecurities and hypocrisies with élan. Also, he is quite comfortable in his skin and does not mind showing a salt and pepper stubble. Hope TV characters could be so realistic as well.

Both Sakshi and Ram have brought out the written emotions with aplomb. She also effectively portrays the hesitancy which most women have, before finally saying ‘yes I do’.

Samir Kochhar, who plays the negative lead of lawyer Palaash, gets the most layered character in the cast. He dopes and drinks, yet helps Trisha out when she gets into a spot of accidental shop lifting. To make matters worse, he is not only Tipsy’s former boyfriend, but also the son of the guy who wants Radhika out on the streets. Quite a small world indeed!

The scene, where he snorts coke and admits to Karan about blowing up things with Tipsy, evokes both hatred and sympathy. Kudos to Producer Ekta Kapoor for not making him look outright black, which would have happened, had the show been on TV.

The emotional relief is provided by Tipsy’s friend Sherry, who elopes with Karan’s business manager. The entry of Aunt Chitty, who wants only Tamil men for her and Sherry, is funny. The return of Romila also adds a few laughs.

Shweta has done a good job as Radhika. It would have been better had they shown her rekindling her old flame for Karan, but maybe the creative did not want to risk her losing sympathy, since her partner had just died.

It was also a bit jarring to sense that Karan has no feelings for his beautiful ex with whom he is sharing a roof. Guess Indian content is not yet ready for really complex human equations where you can end up loving two people at the same time.

Karrle Tu also does not go down the normal web route of s*x and swearing. It is quite decent and much like other TV shows. Sakshi would not have said yes otherwise, we reckon.

Trisha, who had an important role in Season 1, does not seem to have much to do in the first seven episodes of S2. We don’t know if there are more on the anvil, as Season 1 had 15 episodes.

ALTBalaji also needs to iron out some back-end chinks. While we can stream its content unhindered on 4G mobile, we encountered lots of buffering on a WIFI enabled laptop (speed up to 10 mbps). It is not easy to watch on the small screen. would rate Season 2 of Karrle Tu Bhi Mohabbat with 3.5 out of 5 stars.